MOBIX – This Year In Review And Outlook 2023

by | Dec 20, 2022

2022 will be over faster than we expected. So many things to do, so many still to be done. Besides the global geopolitical unrest, crypto land – in the middle of its winter – has been swirled by unprecedented market exits. This turmoil will lead to even more exits next year, stricter regulations, and more headwinds, in general. Does that mean, 2023 will be a bad year?

We don’t think so. Quite the opposite: We at MOBIX see several positive developments for 2023. Here’s why we will start the new year with positive feelings:

1. The MOBIX app was launched at a particularly inopportune time: just in time for the crypto winter. After being available in app stores for 12 months, MOBIX has more than 250,000 users in 172 countries. We have reached this goal without any marketing budget, only with our community – so, with the help of fellow MOBIXians who have spread the word! We don’t spend money on marketing; we want MOBIX to grow organically, and sustainably. Let’s do our best to encourage as many ecomobility fans all over the world as to collect MOBIX Miles!

2. MOBIXians can manage $MOBX and $FET using their human-readable Unstoppable Domains which makes sending and receiving tokens way easier than using original wallet addresses. We love readable wallet addresses since they make Web3 much more usable! Compare “mobixian.wallet” with your bank account number…

3. We have the MOBIX Token listed on MEXC, one of the 10 biggest crypto exchanges. The initial listing price of the MOBIX token was $0.12 – currently, it moves around $0.10 based on an average monthly turnover of $2.1 million. This isn’t a net plus, but it hasn’t crashed, either. We won’t speculate on the future token price development, but based on the ecomobility development in general and the growth of the MOBIX user base in particular, we don’t see any reason for a downturn.

4. We have introduced the MOBIX Move2Earn Club, an exclusive membership-based circle of MOBIXians who own MOBIX NFTs and earn more Miles per trip, among other cool benefits, such as exclusive M2E Airdrops.

5. About 85% of all MOBIX tokens converted from MOBIX Miles are staked and earn passive income. We regard this as a vote of confidence for the MOBIX family. A decent APR (Annual Percentage Rate – displayed in the MOBIX app) makes staking $MOBX fun and a sensible experience.

6. Obviously, due to the above-mentioned challenges, we have not reached all of our goals in 2022. However, that motivates us to put even more effort into reaching these goals early next year – based on our strong and growing family! And – not to forget – MOBIXians around the world have been saving thousands of tons of CO2 – making the world a cleaner and more livable place!

In 2023 we will:

1. …onboard MOBIX Marketplace Partners who will accept MOBIX Tokens in exchange for extras and who will reward their loyal customers with MOBIX Tokens. Partners will be local brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as online shops.

2. …launch MOBIX family – as a worldwide neighborhood assistance network. Every MOBIXian needs help from time to time, and other MOBIXians might be right around the corner. Integrated into the MOBIX app, MOBIX family members will be able to offer and ask for help: this can be a quick delivery, pet sitting, mowing the lawn, or any other ancillary work. We can’t provide a fixed date for the launch of MOBIX family – it’s a highly complex affair, even though it should look simple and be easily usable. Some weeks before the launch, we will invite you to join a group of beta testers. Stay tuned!

MOBIX -  This Year In Review And Outlook 2023

3. …extend micromobility by ecomobility: Sustainable transport can and will be multi-modal transport; i.e. people use more than one kind of vehicle for their journeys. If you aren’t based in a metropolitan area, chances are that you must use public transport or a car. That said, besides micromobility, we will also incentivize the use of electric cars and minicars. Other than using our algorithm to detect a drive with an EV instead of a combustion engine, MOBIX EV drivers will be able to use a different method of proving their sustainable behavior. More to come!

4. …demonstrate MOBIX at the IAA Mobility: Together with our partner and Datarella’s collaborators in the moveID Gaia-X consortium, we will build upon last year’s Deep Parking concept, and showcase a very nice mobility experience to an expected number of 500,000 visitors of IAA Mobility, the world’s most significant mobility fair, in Munich. MOBIX will play an integral role in this demonstrator, and visitors from all over the world will get to experience MOBIX.

To build all this and reach these goals we have to rely on the support of our MOBIX family members: we need you to use your micromobility ecomobility vehicles, collect MOBIX Miles, convert them into MOBIX Tokens, and use these at your local or online MOBIX Partner!

Please have an eye on MOBIX Partners who advertise in the MOBIX app and who sponsor MOBIX Miles – these companies are valuable partners and need our support! Lastly, tell your friends about MOBIX, and make them use the MOBIX app. The more members the family has, the stronger MOBIX becomes!

The MOBIX team wishes you happy holidays and a good and positive start to the year 2023! And: Remember to MOBIX 💚