Exclusive Airdrop for MOBIX Gold & Black Series NFT Holders

by | Sep 9, 2022

In early June, we launched our Move2Earn Club, with the Founding MOBIX NFT Series featuring a Silver, Gold, and Black series. NFT owners enjoy various benefits, such as a booster on earned MOBIX Miles per micromobility trip. Today, we announce another great benefit for Gold and Black Series NFT owners: Free airdrops of MOBIX Tokens!

As published yesterday, MOBIX Tokens will be listed on MEXC. To illustrate the value of MOBIX NFTs, we airdrop free MOBIX Tokens to Gold and Black Series NFT owners following a snapshot on October, 17th. In other words, MOBIX M2E club members in possession of MOBIX Gold and Black Series NFTs will receive their MOBX right into their wallets without having to do anything extra!

M2E Airdrop
Here’s how the airdrop looks: Each MOBIX Gold Series NFT receives 2,500 MOBX, and each MOBIX Black Series NFT receives 5,000 MOBX!

NFT Ownership Cut-off Time
To be eligible for the M2E Club airdrops you must own at least 1 MOBIX Gold or Black Series NFT on 17 October 2022, 10:00 UTC (snapshot/cut-off time). If you own more than one you’ll get more than one airdrop! Example: If I have one Gold and one Black Series NFT in my wallet at the cut-off time, I’ll receive 7,500 MOBX.

We’ll announce that the airdrop has been actually been paid out to MOBIX M2E Club members on our Twitter and Telegram as soon as our technical team is finished sending out the tokens.

With this airdrop, MOBIX NFTs have become even more valuable, and M2E Club members receive more benefits. So, let’s translate the virtual quality of the NFTs into real-world environmental benefits, and let’s MOBIX! You also might want to join our MOBIX communities on TwitterLinkedIn, and Telegram, and discuss all things micromobility with the MOBIX team – see you there!