MOBX Reward Token

MOBIX reward tokens (MOBX) are used to vote on system parameters such as choice of autonomous market makers to back with liquidity from the liquidity pool, borrowing rates from the liquidity pool, usage of exchange fees.

MOBX tokens are minted at an exponentially decreasing rate to incentivise early liquidity providers on the market. Minted tokens are distributed in proportion to the amount of liquidity supplied to the market at each block. Some fraction of the marketplace fees and Autonomous Marketing Agents fees is used to buy back MOBX and burn.


MOBX Benefits For Multiple Stakeholders

MOBX incentivises multiple stakeholders in metropolitan areas to grow micromobility and supports urban planners in making cities more livable.

Micromobility Consumers

Easy everywhere-access to micromobility services, incentivised consumption of value added services

Individual and professional users in urban areas are enabled to consume micromobility services and attached value-added services in a highly convenient ‘all-in-one’ and privacy-preserving way.

Micromobility Service Providers

Market Access, Revenue Growth, Contextual Micro-Targeting

The main objective is to provide micromobility service providers with direct access to millions of end-users and corporate users of micromobility; i.e. the transportation of humans and goods. These providers currently only have access to limited user groups in scattered locations.

Micromobility Infrastructure Providers

Optimized Asset Utilisation, Maximised Asset Values

Infrastructure providers, such as building owners and operators, can optimise their asset utilisation by offering available space and surplus capacity in a dynamic way, based on market needs. Better utilisation means minimised fixed costs, and, in consequence, maximised asset values.

Value Added Service Providers

Customer Access, Tailored Promotions

VAS providers can attach and offer their services to micromobilty services in a contextualized way, using Autonomous Marketing Agents (AMA). These include leisure activities, such as special entertainment or dining offerings, as well as business activities, such as delivery or mobile nursing services.

Liquidity Providers

Key Benefits: Returns on Investment

There will be a role for liquidity providers and autonomous marketing agents in the system to increase transaction volumes and reduce communication and transaction costs. Liquidity providers will receive yield on capital invested via transaction fees. Liquidity providers supplying liquidity to system controlled autonomous marketing agents will additionally earn reward tokens via a liquidity mining process that rewards in proportion to the amount and duration of supplied liquidity.