+++  MOBIX Doubles Donations For Childrens’ Bikes +++

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Ecoomobility is a community endeavour of the MOBIX network of partners.


Revving Up for a Brighter Future: How Bicycles are Empowering Kids on World Bicycle Day

+++UPDATE+++ MOBIX Turkiye did it! Their “3 Bicycles for 3 Children” campaign for World Bicycle Day has received donations of 3,997 $MOBX by the fabulous MOBIX Family, rounded up and doubled by MOBIX Germany to reach 8,000 $MOBX in total! What an achievement! A huge...

EU Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Crisis: 8-Fold Increase in Charging Points Needed Annually by 2030 to Meet CO2 Reduction Targets

A new ACEA report highlights the gap between the current availability of public charging points for electric cars in the European Union (EU) and the projected demand to meet CO2 reduction targets. Here are some key points from the report: EU electric car sales grew...

Improving children’s lives with Pedal Power on World Bicycle Day

June 3rd is a day like no other for cyclists. In 2018, the United Nations declared this date as World Bicycle Day to honor the unique impact of bicycles in our world. Across history and contemporary society, the humble bicycle has proven to be a revolutionary mode of...

Boost Your Stakes, Boost Your Rides: MOBIX Rewards Just Got Bigger!

Big News for the MOBIX Community: The MOBIX Staking Reward Pool Has Been Doubled! We're thrilled to announce an update for our MOBIX community members who have staked their MOBX tokens: your rewards for collecting MOBIX Miles on your eco-friendly trips just got a...

MOBIX Milestones – A Successful Year 2023 in Turkey

Throughout this year, MOBIX has been establishing its presence in Turkey. Playing a key role in this initiative is Uygar Erkus, an early and committed member and MOBIX Messenger. Uygar's dedication has notably contributed to the growth of the MOBIX community in...


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