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Ecoomobility is a community endeavour of the MOBIX network of partners.


MOBIX Stories – Pedaling for a Purpose in Munich

Welcome to MOBIX Stories! Join us on a journey around the world as MOBIX app users share their micromobility experiences. From New York to Tokyo, Berlin to Sydney: Discover how MOBIX is empowering riders to create a more sustainable future! Meet Thomas M. - a...

Mahalle Restaurant – MOBIX Market Partner Izmir

MOBIX Marketplace Turkey is set to launch on April 29th, 2023, with the Izmir MOBIX Day event. The launch will feature several MOBIX Market Partners who will be the first to accept MOBIX tokens as payment for exclusive products and services and also reward their loyal...

In Need Of Reliable Sustainable Mobility Charging Infrastructure

The European Union is the global frontrunner in adopting electric vehicles (EVs): its member countries are responsible for more than a quarter of the world’s EV production, and EVs represented roughly 20 percent of its new-car sales in 2021. The European EV Charging...

MOBIX Park & Charge – Turbocharging Sustainable Mobility

Insufficient EV charging infrastructure is a major roadblock to sustainable mobility. Drivers fear running out of battery charge and being stranded, also known as range anxiety. This fear arises from the lack of charging stations. Nevertheless, there is a solution to...

Izmir MOBIX Day 2023 ‚Äď MOBIX Marketplace Turkey Launch

Our MOBIX Outlook revealed that 2023 will be the year of the MOBIX Marketplace, and we can't wait to get started! We're thrilled to announce that one of our first targeted countries is Turkey, with launch partners in the beautiful city of Izmir to make this happen....


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