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Ecoomobility is a community endeavour of the MOBIX network of partners.


Boost Your Stakes, Boost Your Rides: MOBIX Rewards Just Got Bigger!

Big News for the MOBIX Community: The MOBIX Staking Reward Pool Has Been Doubled! We're thrilled to announce an update for our MOBIX community members who have staked their MOBX tokens: your rewards for collecting MOBIX Miles on your eco-friendly trips just got a...

MOBIX Milestones – A Successful Year 2023 in Turkey

Throughout this year, MOBIX has been establishing its presence in Turkey. Playing a key role in this initiative is Uygar Erkus, an early and committed member and MOBIX Messenger. Uygar's dedication has notably contributed to the growth of the MOBIX community in...

MOBIX & Bisikoop – Jointly Transforming The Urban Mobility Landscape in Turkey

MOBIX proudly announces a strategic partnership with Bisikoop, Turkey's foremost bicycle cooperative dedicated to promoting cycling and sustainable transport projects across cities. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Bisikoop's mission to mitigate the...

MOBX Sustainability & Growth – Municipal Inflation Upgrade

TLDR: MOBIX Park & Charge heralds a new era for MOBIX: new utility and new user groups! To allow for providing new users around the globe with MOBIX tokens, a network upgrade is coming on January 15th, 2024 which will enable a yearly inflation rate of 3% for the...

MOBIX Park & Charge: From IAA Mobility Showcase to Smart City Solution

Cities suffer from congestion and bad air quality, divers can’t find parking space,  EV drivers panic in search of available EV charging points, and more people must swap cars with bikes and scooters. The search for parking space alone counts for up to 40% of CO2...


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