+++MOBIX TOKEN LISTING ON MEXC: 23 SEP 2022 | 12:00 UTC+++


The Micromobility Token

MOBIX rewards you to use eco-friendly means of transportation, riding by bike, e-Bike, scooter, e-Scooter, e-Moped. Choose to move emission-free and you will earn MOBX tokens!

Now, download the app – move to earn – let’s MOBIX!



The MOBIX Move2Earn (M2E) Club is the extension of real-world micromobility into the metaverse. By joining the MOBIX M2E Club you show and tell your dedication to save our planet. 

The club membership will bring you exclusive airdrops, MOBIX Miles kickers, access to private Discord groups and much more.

MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace

MOBIX incentivises every person in the world to use sustainable her-emission mobility. Whether you use or provide micromobility services or offer infrastructure for micromobility, with MOBIX you can earn rewards or incentivise usage of your services.

Urban transportation, mobility of human beings and the delivery of goods, requires millions of transactions every day. By incentivising both, suppliers and consumers of micromobility services, to actively and permanently participate in the ecosystem in their respective metropolitan area, MOBIX provides the foundation for a sustainable growth of a decentralised social system and helps to improve quality of life in urban areas.

MOBX Reward Token

Incentivsing consumers and providers of micromobility services and infrastructure.

Autonomous Economic Agents

Connecting micromobility service and infrastructure suppliers with individual and professional consumers.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Preserving user privacy and data security. Open access for micromobility participants.


Micromobility is a community endeavour of the MOBIX network of partners.


image of How To Buy MOBX on MEXC

How To Trade MOBX on MEXC

As announced, MOBIX will be listed on MEXC from 23 September 2022! MEXC is a centralized exchange, which is amongst the top CEX’s in the Web3 space. This guide shows you how to buy MOBIX Token on MEXC either with cryptos or with fiat money. We describe two different...

MOBX Listing on MEXC

We’re thrilled to announce that MOBX will be listed on MEXC from 23 September 2022! Trading will be will support the native MOBX coin.  We will provide you with more detailed information on how you can trade MOBX on the MEXC exchange and how you can load your...

MOBIX Token Listing Announcement

Today, we are seeing another significant dip in crypto land - most tokens have taken another deep dive. What's dipping, however, are prices - not values. Since we believe in the value of the MOBIX token, as the digital representation of the micromobility industry,...

MOBIX App Update September 2022

Our September 2022 update of the MOBIX wallet is all about FET transaction fees. MOBIX runs on the Fetch.ai network which will be introducing transaction fees in FET tokens within the coming weeks. In order to ensure a smooth transition to the FET transaction fees for...

Exclusive Airdrop for MOBIX Gold & Black Series NFT Holders

In early June, we launched our Move2Earn Club, with the Founding MOBIX NFT Series featuring a Silver, Gold, and Black series. NFT owners enjoy various benefits, such as a booster on earned MOBIX Miles per micromobility trip. Today, we announce another great benefit...


The MOBIX community can rely on a competent and friendly support by the MOBIX team, the MOBIX Messengers and all MOBIX community members.