+++ Izmir MOBIX Day – 04 March 2023 +++

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Ready to go green and get rewarded? With MOBIX, you can earn just by choosing eco-friendly transportation methods like biking, e-biking, scootering, and more.
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The MOBIX Move2Earn (M2E) Club is the extension of real-world ecomobility into the metaverse. By joining the MOBIX M2E Club you show and tell your dedication to save our planet. 

The club membership will bring you exclusive airdrops, MOBIX Miles kickers, access to private Discord groups and much more.


Ecoomobility is a community endeavour of the MOBIX network of partners.


Izmir MOBIX Day IMD – MOBIX Marketplace Turkey Launch on 04 March 2023

As announced in our Outlook, the year 2023 will become the year of the MOBIX Marketplace. One of the first MOBIX countries is Turkey, with MOBIX Marketplace Launch Partners in the vibrant city of Izmir. The Izmir MOBIX Day IMD will take place on 04 March 2023...in...

MOBIX – This Year In Review And Outlook 2023

2022 will be over faster than we expected. So many things to do, so many still to be done. Besides the global geopolitical unrest, crypto land - in the middle of its winter - has been swirled by unprecedented market exits. This turmoil will lead to even more exits...

MOBIX App & Marketplace – December 2022 Update

With the December update of MOBIX, the team is focusing on further developing the MOBIX ecosystem by providing MOBIX Marketplace partners with new ways to address MOBIXians with their products and services. Let's see what has changed! If you have been using MOBIX and...

How To Invite Your Friends To MOBIX And Profit From It

Encourage your friends to join MOBIX and profit from it - you, your friends, and all of us! Using micromobility instead of combustion engine-powered vehicles helps to save CO2 and improves the quality of life! Here you find out how to invite your friends, and why you...

How to send MOBX using Unstoppable Domain IDs

By introducing of our new partner Unstoppable Domains (UD) to the MOBIX app, MOBIX users from now on will benefit from a user friendly option to enter MOBIX wallet IDs for their transactions: MOBIX has integrated Unstoppable Domains ID (UD ID) resolution for recipient...


The MOBIX community can rely on a competent and friendly support by the MOBIX team, the MOBIX Messengers and all MOBIX community members.