The MOBIX Move2Earn (M2E) Club is the extension of real-world micromobility into the metaverse. By joining the MOBIX M2E Club you show and tell your dedication to save our planet. 

The club membership will bring you exclusive airdrops, MOBIX Miles kickers, and much more.

Strictly limited NFT series. First come, first serve.

Benefits for MOBIX NFT Founding Series Holders

Miles Multiplier

Boost your MOBIX Trip MIles up to factor 3

Submit Proposals

Participate in the MOBIX idea system

Free Airdrops

Airdrops for all NFT Founding Series owners

Exclusive Airdrops

Access airdrops exclusively for Gold and Black M2E members

The MOBIX M2E Club Black NFT Edition is the powerhorse of this MOBIX NFT collection: Four extra power batteries in the rear with black brushed metal casing blend in elegantly with the matte black frame of the scooter. Brightly colored fluorescent rims in the front and rear correspond with the MOBIX emblem on the scooter’s frame,  rounding off the exciting design of this edition.



MOBIX Trip Miles Multiplier x3

Exclusive Airdrops for Black & Gold members only

50 Items
221 ATOM per Item

Available only on



MOBIX Trip Miles Multiplier x2

Exclusive Airdrops for Black & Gold Members Only

100 Items
103 ATOM per Item

Available only on

The MOBIX M2E Club Gold Edition NFT sports two extra batteries in the rear. The pristine white base material of the scooter makes the colors of the brushed metal elements stand out exceptionally.

The MOBIX M2E Club Silver NFT Edition comes in bright candy colors. The sleek black matte coating of the elements makes the colored frame stand out brightly.



MOBIX Trip Miles Multiplier x1.5

150 Items
37 ATOM per Item

Available only on


Find out more about the MOBIX NFT Founding Series

How do I get a MOBIX NFT?

You can either buy a MOBIX NFT by selecting one of the above links next to the NFT Series. You will be redirected to OmniFlix where you can perform the transaction. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

In case there are no more NFTs left, there might be other MOBIX users selling their MOBIX NFTs. A search on the OmniFlix Market might give you some results.

How do I get my MOBIX NFT Boost in the MOBIX app?

In order to apply your MOBIX NFT Boost, you must hold the MOBIX NFT on the same public address that you use for your MOBIX app.

You can download the MOBIX mobile app here:

Once you have onboarded, tap on the MOBIX logo on the home screen and choose your NFT. Post a screenshot of your MOBIX app home screen for sharing your NFT love 😄💚

Where can I see my Boost?

You can see that the MOBIX NFT boost has been applied at the point of claiming your MOBX tokens on the “Miles” screen.

The confirmation message will show the amount of total MOBIX Miles converted. Soon, you will also be able to see the boosted Trip Miles in your transaction history.

When is the Mint Date?

The minting for whitelisted adresses will start on June 21st 12:00 CET and last for 24 hours. After this, the public sale starts.

How do I join the Whitelist?

Whitelisting is over. It started on June,13th, 12:00 CET and lasted until June 16th 11:59pm CET.