MOBIX Park & Charge 

MOBIX Park & Charge is coming to the MOBIX app! 

Join the MOBIX family and don’t worry about finding a charging station again! MOBIX Park & Charge lets you access privately-owned charging points with just a few taps on the app. MOBIX expands the EV charging network by including privately-owned charging points, making up to 10 times more charging spots available. This complements the existing public charging stations, giving EV drivers more options to charge their vehicles.

To join MOBIX Park & Charge, simply pre-register below! As soon as we launch, you’ll be notified and ready to benefit from day one.

Turbocharge Sustainable Mobility with MOBIX Park & Charge

Join the revolution of sustainable mobility with MOBIX Park & Charge! Our easy-to-use app enables you to share your private charging point with other EV drivers, so everyone can go green. Plus, our human touch ensures safe and trustworthy transactions. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to zero emissions ‚Äď join the MOBIX family today!

Unlock Your EV’s Potential

With access to a broad network of privately-owned EV charging points, you can add a private charging point in just 5 minutes with our easy-to-use MOBIX app. Get started now and turbocharge your journey to sustainable mobility.

Reduce Barriers to Adoption

Lack of access to EV charging infrastructure is one of the top barriers to electric vehicle adoption. With MOBIX, you can tap into a network of easily accessible, convenient and affordable EV charging options that reduce this barrier and help you get on the road faster.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Everyone

At MOBIX, we believe in creating eco-friendly solutions that everyone can enjoy – from private owners to businesses and public institutions. With our cutting edge technology, we are able to provide reliable, safe and convenient solutions for all types of users so you can join the MOBIX family today!

Network Effects

The concept of network effects comes into play with MOBIX Park & Charge, which is a component of the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace. As a result, both the MOBIX Family and MOBIX Marketplace partners experience meta-network effects, which lead to mutual benefits by working together.

Soon, you can use the MOBIX app to offer and accept help requests, and provide your services, regardless of where you are based!