MOBIX NFT Minting Guide 

by | Jun 20, 2022

Congratulations! You are about to mint a very rare and exclusive MOBIX Founding Series NFT. This guide shows exactly what to do. Let’s go.

On a high level, you must accomplish the following steps:

1) Export your private key from your MOBIX Wallet
2) Import your private key to your Keplr Browser Wallet
3) Fund your imported Kepler Wallet sufficiently with $ATOM
4) Mint your MOBIX Founding Series NFT

So far, so good? Let’s jump into the details: 

1) Export MOBIX Private Key (Backup Phrase) 

To export your private key, aka. Backup Phrase, you will need to follow the steps, illustrated in the graphic below: Open your MOBIX Wallet on your smartphone, click on the “More” bottom-right menu item, select “Wallet Backup, and note your Seed Phase.

2) Import MOBIX Key in Keplr Browser Wallet

Now it’s time to switch to your desktop/laptop computer.

2a) You don’t have a Keplr Wallet
If you don’t have a Keplr Wallet yet, you will need to install it to your chrome-based browser, e.g. Google Chrome. Simply download and install it from the Google Chrome Web Store.

2b) You do have a Keplr Wallet

Just log into your Keplr Wallet and click on the account icon in the top right corner. Then click on “Add Account.

2.1 Import MOBIX Key to Keplr Wallet

You remember the Backup Phrase you noted down earlier? Now it’s time to put it into action. Select the “Import existing account” option, enter the MOBIX Backup Phrase, (just the words separated by a blank space, no number in front) , add account name and password, and hit the next button. BAAM! If you inserted the Backup Phrase correctly, you will be rewarded with the “You’re all set” screen. 🚀

3) Top-up your newly imported wallet with $ATOM

3.1. Buy $ATOM

In case you don’t have any $ATOM handy, you can buy $ATOM on centralized exchanges, like Binance,, Coinbase, Kraken and many more. Alternatively, you can acquire $ATOM on the decentralized exchange, Osmosis.

3.2 Transfer to newly imported wallet

Cool, once you got your fund you will ask yourself where to send them. Please follow these steps:
First, make sure you have selected the correct wallet (the one you imported to MOBIX private key).

Next, make sure you selected Cosmos Hub in the top menu of the Keplr wallet.
Then please transfer sufficient $ATOM to mint the MOBIX NFT of your choice. 

4) Mint your MOBIX NFT

Wuhuu, you almost made it! Here are the last steps to follow to ensure your MOBIX Founding Series NFT.

4.1 Visit MOBIX NFT
You are so close to mint your MOBIX Founding Series NFT. Please visit the MOBIX NFT landing page. To get to the right minting page, please click on the button next to the edition you want to mint. 

4.2 Mint NFTs on Omniflx Landing Page
Each link on our MOBIX NFT landing page will redirect you to the edition specific Minting Page hosted by our marketplace partner, Omniflix. To finally mint your MOBIX NFT, click on the “Connect with Keplr”, click on claim fee grant, deposit $ATOM on your Omniflix wallet and hit the MINT button.

Congratulations, you did it!! 🥳 🎉 🚀