The Gig Community

We are a growing, widespread family of gig workers, benefiting from the decentralized sustainable MOBIX network. MOBIX family members can send and receive items, s.a. food, or parcels – or can provide other services to the family, like gardening, shopping, or other ancillary works.

The Benefits of a Gig Community

Trust By Design

MOBIX family runs on Datarella’s Web3 tech stack, notably leveraging the Fetch. ai-powered Blockchain network, with all transactions automated by smart contracts. MOBIX family members trust each other by design based on their digital identities and their histories of transactions, supported by an in-built resolution service refunding members in case of a non-functional service. MOBIX family is a transparent, public network: you can see and verify transactions – and trust.

Financially Rewarding

MOBIX family is the decentralized gig community – there is no single corporate entity producing large overhead costs. These efficiency gains result in lower delivery service costs and higher earnings for delivery agents and drivers.

Dynamic Servicing

Besides better financials, MOBIX family allows for a dynamic adaption of services: a driver who does not have many jobs to service passengers can seamlessly switch during her journey, to deliver food and parcel, or provide any ancillary work.

Network Effects

MOBIX family is part of the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace. This creates meta-network effects for both, the MOBIX family and MOBIX Micromobility members, who benefit by leveraging the unique advantages of both networks at the same time.

Gig Community Workers

Each gig economy worker benefits from the MOBIX family because of higher earnings, 100% autonomy over which gigs to choose, and when to accept gigs, less idle time, and overall freedom of work.


Individuals can post their gigs to the world and accept offerings from gig workers they trust – it’s a huge family! Gigs can range from deliveries, over lawn mowing, and pet sitting, to physiotherapy.

The Environment

Incentivized to use green mobility, MOBIX family members prefer to ride bikes, scooters, cargo bikes, or EVs for their gigs. Because gig workers earn more when using green mobility, and individuals can promote green mobility in their gigs, MOBIX family saves CO2 emissions and helps save our planet!

How To Join MOBIX family?

Do you want to do some gigs, such as looking after pets, delivering parcels or other items using your car, bike, cargo bike, or scooter? Then follow this link to apply to become a MOBIX family member!

Later this year, you can use the MOBIX app to offer and accept gigs, regardless of where you are based. MOBIX family is a global affair!