How To Collect MOBIX Miles

by | Mar 28, 2022

Starting 28 March 2022, MOBIX updated the method of earning MOBIX Miles. MOBIX Miles rewards will be centered on the main focus of MOBIX: Incentivizing eco-friendly mobility. 

This means that users will need to get moving in order to get MOBIX Miles. This is how:

1. Start a trip and earn MOBIX Miles

By starting a trip with your preferred micromobilty provider or your own micromobility vehicle (like, your bike 🚲 or scooter 🛴), you can be rewarded 5 MOBIX Miles per trip. Trips are limited to 5 within 24 hours.

2. Earn MOBIX Miles with your friend’s trips

The friend referral functionality is still in place and limited to 5 per epoch. Here’s the exciting news: Now you will be rewarded for every trip your referred friends complete! This equals 20% of your friend’s trip rewards! This new logic will enable you to have your friends earn MOBIX Miles for you every time they complete a successful bike or scooter ride 😄 To understand this better, here are some examples:

You have 1 friend who has successfully completed a trip
a) YOUR friend gets a trip reward of 5 MOBIX Miles
b) YOU get a referral reward of 1 MOBIX Mile

If you have 5 friends that have accepted your friend referral to MOBIX, and each of these friends completes 5 trips on one day, the calculation for your referral rewards is following:

5 friends x 5 trips = 25 MOBIX Miles for YOU!

So, go grab your bike and take a spin for MOBIX Miles – plus, get your friends to earn these for you as well!