MOBIX Summer 2022 Roundup

by | Aug 16, 2022

Summer 2022 is here – so much has happened already this year! For MOBIX, it was a fun ride: The MOBIX app has 160,000 downloads (in the Apple App Store and Google Play – and many countless more in other app stores) and 169,919 trips were rewarded until now. Time to have a look at what our team has accomplished so far this year.

MOBIX has grown tremendously since the start of 2022. People all over the world – in 178 countries, to be specific – have downloaded the app and started riding their bikes and scooters to collect MOBX tokens. The MOBIX team is immensely proud to have brought together this awesome community of people who are committed to the well-being of our planet. Here’s a roundup of 2022 accomplishments to date:

The Numbers

These raw numbers only give a glimpse of what has happened backstage, in order to keep the systems and all transactions running smoothly:

  • 160k (official) app downloads in 178 countries
  • 3,000,000 MOBX dropped to FET stakers
  • 13,500,000 MOBIX Miles collected
  • 425,000 MOBX tokens distributed via MOBIX Miles conversion
  • 52,000 kg CO2 saved with MOBIX trips

MOBIX Move2Earn (M2E) Club

In June 2022, MOBIX launched the strictly limited MOBIX Utility NFT Series – the MOBIX Move2Earn Club. The 3D design was created by world-renowned supercar designers in close cooperation with the MOBIX designers. The MOBIX NFTs can be collected and/or applied via its utility to the MOBIX app where users can multiply their trip earnings:

  • 50 BLACK Series: 3x Trip Miles multiplier
  • 100 GOLD Series: 2x Trip Miles multiplier
  • 150 SILVER Series: 1.5x Trip Miles multiplier

Learn more about the MOBIX M2E Club NFT here.

App Features

Over time, the team has added some nice features to the MOBIX app:


To test the waters we organized some MOBIX contests:

  • 2 Gleam Contests with a total of 11,000 MOBIX prizes
  • 3 MOBIX Challenges with
    • 3 Founding NFT SILVER Series raffle
    • 2.000 MOBX rewards distribution

Next up

The MOBIX team has worked hard and has earned themselves a few days of vacation. That’s why we work on improving things and making the MOBIX app even more stable and usable, than inventing new stuff. However, as the leaves of the trees are already turning autumnal colors, the first MOBIX team members are returning from their holidays and will start working on new stuff that will give us a hot second part of 2022! Over to our roadmap of Q3-4/22:

  • FET transaction fee integration
  • MOBX Listing at CEX
  • MOBIX family development & testing
  • MOBX Liquidity Pool, Swapping & Liquidity Staking (2023)
  • M2E Club NFT Metaverse expansion (2023)

Thank you all for using the MOBIX app, participating in our conversations on Twitter and Telegram, and helping to save the planet from CO2 emissions! Stay tuned – and lets MOBIX!

(Image by Solé Bicycles, Venice Beach)