MOBIX App Update – July 2022

by | Jul 14, 2022

Today, the MOBIX team released the July app update featuring CO2 savings, a nicer and more useful menu bar as well as an Apple Watch complication to start trips easily when riding your scooter or bike.

In the newest MOBIX update, we are now showing you your CO2 savings for each MOBIX trip! On your Miles page you will see the accumulated CO2 savings for the current period.

Also, we have reworked the Home screen to accommodate a large START button which is easier to find if you want to start a trip. This will prove more useful when you’re in a hurry to get going!

Apple Watch users are now able to add the brand new circular MOBIX complication to their watch face – just tap to open MOBIX and start a trip! The circle around the MOBIX icon will indicate how many of your daily trips you have successfully accomplished.

Last, the minimum speed has been lowered after users have reported unsuccessful trips within heavy city traffic. We analysed the MOBIX trip data over the past weeks and have now lowered the bar in order to reward slower riders which get stuck in traffic.

Go ahead and update your MOBIX app today!
For iPhone & Apple Watch, tap here.
For Android, tap here.