How to Claim Your Converted MOBIX Miles

by | Apr 4, 2022

Starting April 4th, 2022, MOBIX users can claim their rewards weekly. For now, 10.000 MOBX tokens will be distributed among MOBIX users who have collected MOBIX Miles in the previous week! Since March 28th, 2022, MOBIX users started earning MOBIX rewards with the new MOBIX Miles conversion method in place. Now, users will be able to actively claim earned MOBX tokens. 

How to earn MOBIX Miles?

You can earn MOBIX Miles in two ways: Start a trip with a micomobility vehicle, as well as earn with your friends’ trips.  MOBIX Miles are earned for a reward period and then converted to MOBX tokens.

What is a MOBIX reward period?

The MOBIX reward period is currently defined as a 7-day period which

MOBX tokens will be allocated according to the proportion of MOBIX Miles earned as well as MOBX token staked (you can read more on the conversion method here)

How to claim converted MOBX tokens?

You can claim your converted MOBX tokens in the MOBIX app by navigating to the „Miles“ menu item.

During the active period you will see how many MOBIX Miles you have earned within the period as well as a summary of your rewards. Below the summary you will find a button that lets you claim converted MOBX tokens you haven’t claimed yet. You have 2 weeks to claim your MOBIX tokens.

By when must I have claimed my MOBX tokens?

Starting the MOBIX Miles conversion to MOBX tokens on April 4th, 2022, you will have two weeks time to claim converted MOBX tokens. If you fail to claim your MOBX within this time frame, the tokens will go back to the MOBX token pool. Unclaimed Miles associated with the respective period will expire.

Please check the MOBIX app regularly for any unclaimed MOBX tokens!
You don’t want to miss the opportunity to claim them!