MOBIX Utility – Earn Passive Income By Staking $MOBX

by | Dec 20, 2021

Did you think Usage Mining is everything the MOBIX Ecosystem has to offer you? No, sir! Let us present our first MOBX Utility:

MOBX Staking

2022 will start epic for you. You will be able to stake your $MOBX in our MOBIX Staking Smart Contract in the Blockchain. By doing so, you contribute to the market stability of the $MOBX token and earn up to 180% APY on your $MOBX.

The amount MOBX you earn for stabilizing the MOBIX Network depends on the Staking Reward Pool and the amount of MOBX staked.

5,000 MOBX Every Week

  • The MOBIX team decided to provide 5,000 MOBX rewards for the MOBIX Community Members, who stake their $MOBX.
  • Staking will be possible directly through your MOBIX Wallet.
  • Lockup period: 21 Days

Have fun staking!