MOBIX Milestones – A Successful Year 2023 in Turkey

by | Dec 20, 2023

Throughout this year, MOBIX has been establishing its presence in Turkey. Playing a key role in this initiative is Uygar Erkus, an early and committed member and MOBIX Messenger. Uygar’s dedication has notably contributed to the growth of the MOBIX community in Turkey. Here, Uygar gives an overview on MOBIX’s collaborations in Turkiye.

In February 2023, MOBIX got a thumbs-up from the Entrepreneurship Center of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Their support not only felt good but also gave MOBIX a home base in Turkiye. Hence, the first-ever İzmir MOBIX Day Event in April was held at the Entrepreneurship Center. It was a gathering of bike enthusiasts and local business owners who learned how to profit from MOBIX and the MOBIX Marketplace in their daily lives and businesses. Also, the İzmir MOBIX Day kicked off the integration of the first MOBIX Market Partners: Lokanta Mahalle and Kerem Al Acupuncture Clinic!

MOBIX joined forces with BUGEP and HED Akademi in May to participate in the UN Global Road Safety Week. We encouraged our Turkish app users to participate by making trips with the MOBIX app starting May 17th for 5 days to help collect significant road damage data.

At the World Bicycle Day in June, MOBIX together with BUGEP and Sundu Bisiklet handed out gifts such as phone holders, combination locks and helmets to its app users. Then, Uygar traveled to Hamburg to pitch MOBIX at the Blockchance Conference in Hamburg, Germany, to the jury and investors. MOBIX got a lot of attention at the Blockchance conference. Fun side fact: On his way back to the hotel Uygar stopped to grab a Döner at a nearby Turkish kiosk – and paid for it with MOBIX tokens!

Entering autumn, the European Mobility Week took place in Izmir. MOBIX collaborated with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and the Bicycle Transportation Development Platform BUGEP, to launch a campaign for European Mobility Week in Izmir. This resulted in adding more MOBIX Market Partners throughout the city: Levent Büfe, Solas Coffee, Aperta Coffee as well as the Turkish bike shop chain Sundu Bi̇si̇klet and Yoga Space.

MOBIX was introduced to high school and university students in cooperation with the Izmir Entrepreneurship Center, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Bisim (Bicycle Sharing System) in İzmir. Young people who visited our stand earned their first MOBIX Miles by riding “Bisim” bikes – the local bike sharing service.

MOBIX took part in EuroVelo Conference together with our partner BUGEP to expand our  network in the sustainable mobility environment for a more attractive cycling life.

Oh – and meanwhile, MOBIX is a sponsor of “Herkes İçin Bisiklet Podcast” (“Bicycle for All” Podcast) which in a raffle hands out 50 MOBX Tokens to 5 listeners each month.

MOBIX has not only made an impact but is starting to play a role to shape the landscape of mobility in Turkiye. The steady growth of the MOBIX community in the country reflects the resonance of its mission and the positive reception from users.

As we look ahead, anticipating what the future holds for MOBIX in Turkiye, one thing remains clear – the commitment to innovation, community engagement, and sustainable mobility practices is at the forefront. We extend our gratitude to Uygar 🙌🏼 and the entire MOBIX community 🚵🏼‍♀️🚵🏼‍♀️🚵🏼‍♀️ for making this journey impactful and look forward to more shared moments and advancements in the times to come. Keep riding, keep exploring, keep MOBIXing! 🚲✨