Celebrating Sustainable Transportation and Local Collaboration on İzmir MOBIX Day

by | May 8, 2023

The first-ever İzmir MOBIX Day Event was a gathering of bike enthusiasts, artists, and local businesses in Turkey’s beautiful coastal city. This event celebrated not only the love for bikes and sustainable transportation but also the importance of local collaborations in shaping a more eco-friendly and healthier urban lifestyle.

The Start of Something New: MOBIX Partnerships in Turkey

As MOBIX forges its path in Turkey, the İzmir MOBIX Day on April 29th marked the beginning of exciting new partnerships. Founders from notable bicycle associations, including BUGEP, BISUDER (Bicycle Transportation Association), and BFN (BikeForNature), joined forces with MOBIX’s first Turkish partners: Lokanta Mahalle, Çatı Sanat Alanı, and Yoga Space. These collaborations highlight how local businesses can play a pivotal role in supporting and encouraging sustainable transportation in their communities.

A Platform for Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration

İzmir MOBIX Day served as a knowledge-sharing platform where ideas and plans for future collaborations took center stage. Presentations by Associate Professor Erdal Onur Diktaş and MOBIX Turkey Country Manager Uygar Erkuş emphasized the potential of the BUGEP-MOBIX collaboration, the MOBIX app’s innovative features, and the app’s role in transforming micromobility and bicycle transportation in Turkey.

A key takeaway from the forum was the importance of forming strategic partnerships between local governments, non-profit organizations, MOBIX, and bike-friendly businesses to create an ecosystem that supports sustainable urban living.

Art and Cycling: A Perfect Match

The event showcased a perfect match of art and cycling, as attendees embarked on a tour of hidden art treasures in Umurbey neighborhood in Alsancak, curated by the Darağaç Collective. This immersive experience illustrated how micromobility vehicles, especially bicycles, offer a unique perspective on a city’s vibrant culture and hidden gems. Touring through the streets of İzmir, participants discovered new connections between art, urban landscapes, and sustainable transportation. As the first MOBIX market partner couldn’t be showcased due to protests in the area on the day, the organizers rescheduled this a few days later (a blog post about the first MOBIX Market Partner in action will follow soon).

The Power of Community

The İzmir MOBIX Day Event reinforced the significance of community engagement in promoting sustainable transportation. As participants collected their first MOBIX Miles by cycling together, it became evident that the true potential of MOBIX lies in the power of community. Attendees left the event equipped with new insights into web3, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, eager to share MOBIX with their friends and family and expand the network of conscious urban residents.

The İzmir MOBIX Day Event stands as a testament to the power of creative collaboration and innovative thinking in shaping a sustainable urban future. With MOBIX continuing to gain momentum in Turkey and across the globe, we can look forward to more such events that inspire and unite communities in the pursuit of a greener, healthier, and more connected urban life!

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