Cycle, Save, and Earn MOBX Tokens at Mahalle

by | May 9, 2023

MOBIX users in Izmir, Turkey, have eagerly been awaiting the moment the first MOBIX Market Partner starts rewarding them with MOBX tokens and discounts. Since Izmir MOBIX Day 2023, Mahalle Restaurant does exactly that! The opportunity to earn MOBIX tokens is an excellent motivator for Izmir residents to adopt eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Get MOBIX tokens for your purchases

The bicycle-friendly business Mahalle in Izmir is granting MOBIX tokens as an incentive for their customers: Customers get an equivalent of up to 10% of their spending in MOBIX tokens! This encourages customers to accumulate more MOBIX tokens, motivates them to use eco-friendly transport methods, and encourages more people to cycle.

Get exclusive services by spending MOBX tokens earned by bike

Mahalle offers discounts on healthy, nutritious foods, desserts, and snacks in exchange for MOBX tokens, catering to cyclists’ specific needs. Health comes first for cyclists, and they love high-calorie, healthy snacks that help maintain energy levels and provide essential nutrients.

Enes Han ┼×ener, the founder of Mahalle, believes that bicycles will inevitably rise in popularity in Turkey and invests accordingly. Mahalle is the first bicycle-friendly MOBIX Partner in Turkey, informing people about MOBIX, gifting MOBX tokens to their cycling customers, and developing products and services tailored to cyclists’ needs. Starting with a snack bar today, Enes aims to create infrastructure for providing bicycle maintenance, selling bicycle equipment, and ensuring secure bicycle parking in collaboration with the local government through their MOBIX partnership.

Small steps can create significant impacts. Mahalle, located in a delightful spot in Alsancak, Izmir, lights the way for customers who value their health and quality of life. If you happen to be in Izmir, make sure to drop by Mahalle for redeeming your MOBIX tokens – and for earning more!

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