MOBIX And HED AKADEMI Partner To Promote Road Safety For Cyclists In Türkiye

by | Apr 26, 2023

MOBIX has partnered with HED AKADEMI, a safe driving training organization certified by the Turkish Ministry of National Education and the sole representative of the Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR) – German Road Safety Commission – in Turkiye, since 2002

HED and MOBIX plan to accelerate the development and adoption of road and traffic safety for micromobility and other sustainable transportation in Türkiye. The overarching goal of this cooperation is to promote, support, and leverage micromobility as a safe and sustainable alternative to less environmentally-friendly means of transportation (e.g. cars) in Türkiye.

The Current Situation of Cycling Road Safety in Türkiye

Without good quality infrastructure, cycling in busy cities can be dangerous. According to the World Health Organisation, 54% of traffic-related death are among pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists. To date, only a few cities have managed to establish an adequate cycling infrastructure. In Türkiye, the risk of an accident for a cyclist is 6-8 times higher than for a car driver per kilometer. In Tepebaşi, a district of Istanbul, only 2% of the residents use bicycles today, but a look into the past shows that cycling used to be a common means of transport. This way of doing things was stopped by urbanization accompanied by a focus on providing infrastructure for motorized mobility. In the midst of car-dominated traffic, municipalities all over Türkiye are planning to revitalize the cycling culture once again.


The MOBIX-HED AKADEMI cooperation has the potential to benefit both organizations as well as the Turkish cycling community as a whole. MOBIX’s emphasis on incentivizing micromobility and promoting sustainable transportation complements HED’s mission to promote cycling road safety and, in consequence, bicycle use in Türkiye. This cooperation can accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable safe micromobility, particularly cycling, in Türkiye.

“Partnering with HED AKADEMI is a strategic element of the MOBIX mission,” says Michael Reuter, CEO and Co-founder of MOBIX. “Our partnership with HED demonstrates the importance of the Turkish market for MOBIX, as cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, or İzmir are extremely densely populated urban areas with huge road safety challenges – and opportunities to make cycling safer. In particular, with MOBIX Family, our Worldwide Neighborhood Assistance, MOBIX users can support HED and municipalities in revitalizing the tradition of cycling in Türkiye.”

HED and MOBIX will collaborate on the following activities:

  • Identifying and sharing road safety practices and use cases
  • Collaborating on events
  • Working towards safe multimodal mobility.

Overall, the MOBIX-HED AKADEMI cooperation represents an exciting opportunity for Türkiye to advance road safety for cyclists. MOBIX and HED can leverage their strengths to achieve their common goals, resulting in positive changes for Turkish cyclists and the environment.

Partnership Kick-off at İzmir MOBIX Day!

On April 29, 2023, Izmir MOBIX Day will mark the launch of the MOBIX marketplace at Entrepreneurship Center Izmir in Türkiye. Participants of IMD23 will be able to discuss aspects of road safety with HED representatives. Looking forward to seeing you on April, 29th! You also might want to join our MOBIX communities on TwitterLinkedIn, and Telegram, and discuss all things ecomobility with the MOBIX team – see you there!