Wen MOBIX Listing? Here’s the First Part of the Answer.

by | Sep 2, 2022

As a regular visitor of our MOBIX Telegram group, you know that “wen listing” is the most frequently asked question. As tired as we were of this line of questioning, it was justified. After all, we’re in crypto land and the MOBIX community wants to see how the global micromobility movement translates into its digital representative, the MOBIX token value.

The original plan was to list the MOBIX token (MOBX on exchanges) early this year, but then more people decided to sell than to buy crypto which resulted in what many call the “crypto winter”.  Since the MOBIX roadmap adds hundreds of utility improvements to the MOBIX app, partnerships in Web3, and the micromobility (and overall mobility) sector, the MOBIX team wasn’t too sad to postpone the listing. As described in our Summer Roundup, the MOBIX app has become more valuable: just think for example of saved CO2 emissions, a detail that most team members like in particular.

Besides the improvements of the MOBIX app and its infrastructure, the team has been working on MOBIX family, our up-and-coming gig economy network. MOBIX family will become an integral part of the MOBIX app, where you can post and accept gigs of any sort, wherever you live, whatever you do for a living. The MOBIX token will be the currency to pay for gigs taken and done by MOBIX family members. The paradigm shift coming with MOBIX family will result in much higher financial benefits, higher autonomy, and more freedom of work for all gig workers in the family. We are incredibly bullish on launching the MOBIX family later this year (pre-registration is open).

Wen Listing? Soon (!) on MEXC!

Of course, we don‘t know the future, especially not the short-term development of crypto prices, but as I pointed out in this tweet, we are convinced of a great long-term future for tokens with real-world benefits. Hence, our decision to list the MOBIX token on the centralized exchange MEXC very soon, followed by a listing on the Fetch.ai DEX Starfleit. Details on both, the listing date and other relevant information, on MEXC, and the listing on Starfleit, will follow in separate blog posts! In the meantime, in case you don’t have an account with MEXC, please get yourself registered, and do your KYC in order to be prepared for the listing day!

With that, we have answered the first part of the mother of all questions in crypto land: ‘Wen listing?

The answer to the second most important question must be given by yourselves and the whole MOBIX community: ‘Wen moon?‘ A day after NASA canceled their Artemis moon mission, we certainly are on a MOBIX moon mission – albeit our’s is a long-term play. Micromobility is here to stay – it will grow to a multi-billion dollar market. And with MOBIX being its digital representative, the MOBIX community can look forward to a bright future.