MOBX Usage Mining: Earn MOBIX MILES – Receive MOBX Tokens

by | Dec 9, 2021

A great feature about the MOBIX Marketplace is that you can earn tokens by simply using eco-friendly means of transport. This may be seen analogue to mining Bitcoin. But instead of using computational power and resources,  you may use e.g. an e-scooter, a bike, your feet etc.

The more eco-friendly trips you make, the more MOBIX Miles you can earn. Every Monday, these miles will be converted into MOBX tokens. All you need to do is to open the app and to claim the earned amount. Your tokens will automatically be credited to your MOBIX wallet.

How Does the MOBIX Miles – Token Conversion Work?

The process is pretty simple. Every week, we assign a specific amount of MOBIX Reward tokens to the MOBIX Reward pool. This pool will be distributed amongst all active users according to the amount of MOBIx Miles they earned in that week. A simple example will show you the mechanism. Imagine, the MOBIX Reward pool consists of 10.000 MOBIX tokens and all MOBIX users combined earned a total of 2 million MOBIX Miles. If user X earned 80 miles during this week, her MOBX reward is calculated by 10.000/2.000.000*80= 0.4 MOBX.

This means that you should start right away and become one of the first users in order to maximize your MOBIX mining rewards. There will be many other ways to earn more MOBIX Miles, e.g. via our “refer a friend” feature or to multiply your rewards (e.g. by reaching a higher user level). 

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