MOBIX Miles and MOBIX Tokens

by | Oct 20, 2021

In this post we’ll be examining the difference between MOBIX Miles and the MOBIX Reward Token (ticker: MOBX).


By using MOBIX Wallet with all kinds of micromobility trips, i.e. eco-friendly transport within short distances (cities), you can earn MOBIX Miles as a reward for your environmentally-friendly behaviour. After having finished a trip, you‘ll see MOBIX Miles being credited to your MOBIX Wallet. When you use MOBIX Wallet for the first time, you can also earn MOBIX Miles for other activities than micromobility, notably for proving that you are not a robot (aren‘t you?), and for linking your MOBIX Wallet to your personal account. More details about the logic of the MOBIX Miles process you can find here.

MOBIX Reward Tokens

The MOBIX Token is the native cryptocurrency of MOBIX Marketplace. MOBIX Tokens have a fixed supply of 100 million. The majority of these tokens will be used to reward users for eco-friendly micromobility activities. MOBIX Reward tokens will be allocated to users via MOBIX Miles for specified actions. At defined intervals, MOBIX Miles can be converted to MOBIX Tokens, which then can be used as a means of discount for future shared micromobility trips, or which can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Technically, the MOBIX Token runs on the MOBIX partner’s network, leveraging Autonomous Agents, and more. mainnet and the MOBIX Token are built on the Cosmos network, which allows for a broad interoperability within the network of Blockchains.

In Closing

For micromobility activities you earn MOBIX Miles that can be converted to MOBIX Tokens. If yo have further questions and comments, please join our socials TwitterFacebook and Telegram, for the latest news and conversations!