MOBIX Usage Mining: Refer-a-Friend Feature

by | Dec 10, 2021

Previously, we showed you how to earn MOBX tokens, while simply using the MOBIX app and eco-friendly transport. However, as most things in life are better with friends, both riding an e-scooter and earning MOBIX Miles are definitely some of those things. So, in this blog post we’ll be looking at one of the MOBIX wallet’s new features, the ‘refer a friend’ function.

Spreading the Word

A recent study into the demographics of micromobility users has revealed that, largely, current micromobility users tend to be young, well-educated, affluent males. In addition, over 50% of micromobility user accounts are currently dormant. It’s clear that there are broad swathes of people who are yet to experience the micromobility revolution, with all of its benefits, and this brings us to the question; how do we encourage further uptake rates in the micromobility sector?

At MOBIX, we are doing our part to incentivise users to utilise micromobility services through the provision of MOBIX Miles via our wallet. But we have gone one step further and you can now also promote micromobility through our wallets refer a friend function. This works in a manner most people will be accustomed to- refer a friend and you both receive rewards. So how does it work?

How Do I Refer a Friend?

Once a friend has downloaded the app, you can navigate to the refer a friend function. On this screen there will be a referral code in the form of a QR code. By scanning this, and referring your friend to the MOBIX app, you’ll receive MOBIX miles and so will they. We think, this is a fantastic means to increase awareness of micromobility solutions and we hope that you agree.

You can also share your referral code online, so you can also share the micromobility revolution with all of your friends from your online communities. There is no cap on referrals- so share that code far and wide!

In Closing

A great way to earn money via MOBX tokens is to collect as many MOBIX Miles as possible – usage mining. You and your friends can now benefit by referring others to the MOBIX platform and the wider micromobility ecosystem. Make sure to sign up to our social channels, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram, to hear about more exciting MOBIX developments. We promise that there is more in the pipeline that we’re certain you’ll get excited about… and, following a referral, your friends too!

If you haven’t already, you can download the app here: