MOBIX Token Stakedrop On Mainnet

by | Jul 27, 2021

Dear MOBIX community, 

just after the splendid results of our MOBiX Meme Competition, we have to announce a delay of the MOBIX stakedrop. The updated time frame for the MOBIX stakedrop is 20 OCT – 20 DEC 2021. The reason for this delay is the delayed switch to mainnet by our partner Since the MOBX Reward token is based on the blockchain network, we want to align the start of the MOBX stakedrop with’s mainnet switch.

We understand that a delay is never something anybody enjoys and we appreciate your understanding! The bad thing: you have to wait another few weeks to get your hands on the first MOBX Reward tokens. The good thing, however: You will be able to use the MOBIX Wallet to manage your MOBX right from the start! More unexpected time allows for more and better-refined software development.

We will showcase a test version of the MOBIX Wallet on IAA Mobility from 07-12 SEP in Munich, together with our partners Datarella and BOSCH. A blog post with more detailed information about our „Deep Parking“ IAA Mobility showcase will follow, soon!

In the meantime, please join our MOBIX communities on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram, and discuss all things micromobility with the MOBIX team! See you there!