Monetizing Data On The MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace

by | Jun 25, 2021

Where does the money come from? You don‘t have to have a master in business administration or economics to know that every product, service, or project needs someone who pays for it. Although one could get the the impression that in cryptoland, money could be easily printed based on hot air,  typically, it has to be earned somehow. That‘s why we have a proper business model as a foundational layer of MOBIX – the MOBIX Marketplace.

In essence, the MOBIX business model is a very traditional one, especially in the digital domain: advertising. However, what sounds quite familiar and perhaps even a bit odd, comes in a quite new outfit: advertising in a privacy-preserving, GDPR-compliant, contextually-targeted way. 

Privacy-preserving, GDPR- compliant Advertising

How can advertising be privacy-preserving? On the MOBIX marketplace, Micromobility Service Providers MSPs, and other Value Added Services (VAS) can promote their products and services to micromobility users. By using the MOBIX Marketing dashboard, they provide their services only to those MOBIX users whose preferences contain the respective services and who have agreed to receive the respective promotions. Since there will be millions and millions of these transactions, users don‘t act themselves, manually, but pass these tasks over to their personal software agents that manage all the privacy and preference stuff on behalf of their masters. autonomous agents take care of protecting MOBIX users‘ privacy. 

Contextual, Targeted Advertising

For consumers, as well as for advertisers, it makes sense to share promotions that match the users‘ preferences. The better the match, the higher the chance for a sale. We all are consumers, and we all need to buy products and services every other day. Today, we are spammed with more or less targeted ads, which bothers us, consumers, just as much as it bothers the advertisers who are throwing 80% of their marketing budgets away. Much more efficient for advertisers, and much less annoying for consumers would be a targeted, contextualized approach: consumers with a certain preference receive promotions for services matching their preferences in the right context. Again, not the MOBIX user herself has to bother how to care for the best possible promotions – it‘s her personal agent who does it.

Data Is The New Oil – Or: Monetising Data With MOBIX

Soon, there will be 3 billion people around the globe using micromobility in one way or another. With every single movement and transport, a bulk of data will be produced. Whereas nobody expects individuals to sell their transport data to someone at a large scale, the MOBIX Marketplace provides a way to actually monetize that data. To promote their products and services, MSPs and VASs use MOBX tokens that will be distributed among MOBIX, and the users for agreeing on making use of their data (MOBIX uses a so-called Compute-to-Data approach which allows for doing computation on data without sharing them). MOBIX users are rewarded for allowing marketeers to compute on their data (again: not for sharing data – no user data ever will be shared).

This quite complex system is based on an integration of our partners’ Autonomous Economic Agents and OCEAN Protocol Data Marketplace in the MOBIX Marketplace. The underlying Self-Sovereign Identity SSI base allows users to stay in full control of their privacy. Besides the monetization of data for marketing purposes, MOBX will provide data to improve eco-friendly urbanisation projects around the world. Cities will become real Smart Cities when city councils and governments can make use of the traffic and transport behaviour of urban residents. 

This business model is the economic foundation of the MOBIX Marketplace. We can’t wait to launch our first product, the MOBIX Wallet, which will be the nucleus for managing the MOBX token, making use of micromobility, and, finally, monetize data in a privacy-preserving, GDPR-compliant way. Looking forward to the very first step, the stakedrop of MOBX tokens, starting August, 3rd, 2021!