MOBIX Meme Competition Winners Announcement

by | Jul 26, 2021

We are in awe by the submissions for the MOBIX Meme Competition for MOBIX and Unofficial community members. Within a few days, crypto nerds, micromobility fans, data scientists, and others have been discovered as real artists. Their creativity and humour were beyond our expectations. Winners were voted by the community, and, additionally by the MOBIX team jury.

The MOBIX Meme Competition winners :

1st place: @isaLpOkidQ „Buy! HODL! To the Moon!“
1st prize: 200 MOBX with MOBIX Hoodie

2nd place: 👉 @Anson_96 „The world needs MOBIX“
2nd prize: 100 MOBX with MOBIX T-Shirt

3rd place: 👉 @uygarmando „What they think…“
3rd prize: 50 MOBX with MOBIX T-Shirt

The prize for most engagement on Twitter goes to
👉 @Anson_96 „The world needs MOBIX”
(see above: also place #2 of the public vote)

Additionally, the MOBIX team jury voted, and voted, and voted – and came up with two different category winners for the categories Creativity and Humour.

Winner “Creativity”: 👉 @Anson_96 „The world needs MOBIX”
“Creativity” prize: 50 MOBX
(see above: also place #2 of the public vote and on Twitter)

Winner “Humour”: 👉 @JatinC12 „Rockin’ Offices“
“Humour” prize: 50 MOBX

All winners will receive their MOBX tokens as airdrop into their respective wallets. T-Shirts will be distributed to the winners’ addresses in August. We thank all participants, voters and bystanders for their ongoing support and cant’t wait for the official start of the MOBX stake drop on 20 September!

If you have any further questions regarding the MOBIX Meme competition, the MOBX stake drop, or the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace in general, kindly drop us a question in the official MOBIX Telegram group.