MOBIX.FAMILY – The Eco-Friendly Decentralised Delivery Network

by | Nov 11, 2021

MOBIX.FAMILY – The Decentralised Delivery Network for People and Parcel

We are a growing, widespread family of delivery people, not a single, dominant corporation or centralised platform. Each MOBIX.FAMILY member can send and receive items, s.a. food, or parcel – and can give people a lift with their cars, bikes, mopeds, or zeppelins (if preferred).

Organisationally, MOBIX.FAMILY is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation or DAO.
Technically, MOBIX.FAMILY is a Multi-Agent System.
Socially, MOBIX.FAMILY is the fair, equal-opportunity community version of the delivery gig economy.

A Multi-Agent System

More precisely, it isn’t the MOBIX.FAMILY (human) member who actually gets in the action, but her agent. So-called Autonomous Agents on desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, and smartphones communicate with each other and organise all deliveries and lifts on behalf of the MOBIX.FAMILY members.

Trust By Design

MOBIX.FAMILY runs on Blockchain technology, with all transactions automated by smart contracts. MOBIX.FAMILY members trust each other by design based on their history of transactions, supported by an in-built resolution service refunding members in case of a non-functional service. MOBIX.FAMILY is a transparent, public network: you can see and verify transactions – and trust.

Financially Rewarding

MOBIX.FAMILY is a decentralised delivery network – there is no single corporate entity producing large overhead costs. These efficiency gains result in lower delivery service costs and higher earnings for delivery agents and drivers. 

Dynamic Servicing

Besides better financials, MOBIX.FAMILY allows for a dynamic adaption of services: a driver who is getting not many jobs to service passengers, she can seamlessly switch during her journey, to deliver food, parcel, or any other stuff.

Network Effects

MOBIX.FAMILY is part of the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace. This creates meta-network effects for both, MOBIX.FAMILY and MOBIX Micromobility members, who benefit by leveraging the unique advantages of both networks at the same time.


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