Presenting the moveID
demonstrator MOBI-X
from September 6th to 8th
at IAA 2023, Munich

Offer & book private parking & charging points

moveID is showcasing MOBI-X at IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich. The main focus is on highlighting the practicality and significant impact of SSIs (Self-Sovereign Identities) issued to both vehicles and service providers, showcasing their ability to generate tangible value in real-world scenarios.

During the live demonstration, visitors have the opportunity to experience first-hand the seamless process of discovering, reserving, and utilizing parking spaces and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These services are offered in a peer-to-peer manner, with companies granting access to their parking facilities. Behind the scenes, AI and decentralized identities play a crucial role in ensuring a user-friendly and private experience throughout the entire process.

Turbocharge Sustainable Mobility with MOBIX Park & Charge

Join the revolution of sustainable mobility with MOBIX Park & Charge! Our easy-to-use app enables you to share your private parking space and charging point with drivers looking for parking and charging, so no one has to search for parking space and everyone can go green. Plus, our human touch ensures safe and trustworthy transactions. Say goodbye to stress and range anxiety and hello to zero emissions with MOBIX Park & Charge – join the MOBIX family today!

Unlock Your EV’s Potential

With access to a broad network of privately-owned EV charging points, you can add a private charging point in just 5 minutes with our easy-to-use MOBIX app. Get started now and turbocharge your journey to sustainable mobility.

Reduce Barriers to Adoption

Lack of access to EV charging infrastructure is one of the top barriers to electric vehicle adoption. With MOBIX, you can tap into a network of easily accessible, convenient and affordable EV charging options that reduce this barrier and help you get on the road faster.

Minimized Stress & CO2 with Shared Parking

With MOBIX Park & Charge, consumers and prosumers of parking space benefit! Making available, but inaccessible parking space usable, frees drivers from stress, cities from CO2 emissions, and earns parking providers some extra money. Join the MOBIX family today!

Network Effects

The concept of network effects comes into play with MOBIX Park & Charge, which is a component of the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace. As a result, both the MOBIX Family and MOBIX Marketplace partners experience meta-network effects, which lead to mutual benefits by working together.

Soon, you can use the MOBIX app to offer and accept help requests, and provide your services, regardless of where you are based!