MOBIX Park & Charge – Turbocharging Sustainable Mobility

by | Mar 19, 2023

Insufficient EV charging infrastructure is a major roadblock to sustainable mobility. Drivers fear running out of battery charge and being stranded, also known as range anxiety. This fear arises from the lack of charging stations. Nevertheless, there is a solution to this problem – the addition of privately owned charging points to the EV charging infrastructure or EVSE. This approach can significantly enhance the availability of charging facilities and boost sustainable mobility. MOBIX Park & Charge – turbocharging sustainable mobility is such a solution.

Lack of access to EV charging infrastructure has been among the top barriers to electric vehicle adoption for those interested in making the switch from combustion engines. However, according to the 2023 Global Automotive Consumer Study by Deloitte, most potential EV purchasers plan to charge their EVs at home. In fact, only 11% of potential EV purchasers in the US will be using public charging points. As of today, there are about 51,000 public EV charging points in the US, with a high variance between states, ranging from 59, in Alaska, to 14,000, in California (Full overview Alternative Charging Stations in the US).

An Inadequate EV Charging Infrastructure

If more and more people charge their EVs at home, more and more privately owned charging points will be added to the overall EV infrastructure. As one can well imagine, the increase in private charging points is happening much faster than adding public charging. So what could be better than combining private and public charging points? By adding private chargers, the EV infrastructure will not be improved step-by-step, but by an order of magnitude. 

MOBIX Park & Charge – Turbocharging Sustainable Mobility

Adding public charging points requires a concerted effort by multiple stakeholders in municipalities, utilities, etc, over the course of months. In comparison, adding a private charging point is done in 5 minutes: by downloading the MOBIX app and registering the charging point. For existing MOBIX Family members, this can be done in less than 3 minutes.

The MOBIX app has been used by micromobilists since late 2021. Lately, we announced the opening towards ecomobility: MOBIX users will receive rewards for driving (i.e. charging) their EVs. With MOBIX Park & Charge, we completely open MOBIX and provide the way for a radical increase in EV infrastructure growth.

“We see the EV driver community as a grassroots movement that thrives on generosity, helpfulness, and resourcefulness due to the inadequate EV charging infrastructure. This is where MOBIX Park & Charge comes in – addressing a sensitive issue and triggering a P2P movement of sharing charging points.”

Michael Reuter, CEO MOBIX

MOBIX Park & Charge will start this summer, with the official launch on 5 September 2023, at the IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany. MOBIX will enable pre-registrations of privately-owned charging points in June. If you are interested to participate early, please contact the MOBIX business team.

The MOBIX Family has arrived, and it’s kicking off with MOBIX Park & Charge – the first use case of providing the worldwide neighborhood assistance network! MOBIX Familie’s core idea is simple yet powerful: neighbors are ready and willing to help each other, no matter where they are in the world. In an era of accelerating technological progress and geopolitical risks, it’s time to reflect on the strength of humanity and our interpersonal bonds. That’s why the MOBIX team is dedicated to deploying Web3 technology that gives individuals autonomy and sovereignty.

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