The MOBIX Expansion – From Micromobility to Ecomobility

by | Mar 9, 2023

Micromobility plays a major role in a wider and profound disruption of the whole mobility ecosystem. Its successful integration into our pre-existing mobility networks will have a major impact on our lives, cities, and environment. The MOBIX Expansion – From Micromobility to Ecomobility.

From bikes, eBikes, cargo bikes, and eScooters to shared vehicles, micromoblity is here to stay. When used in combination with existing choices like public transportation and walking, it offers an emission-free and fast way of completing daily trips. The use of shared micromobility was already skyrocketing before the Covid-19 pandemic. While the development had temporarily slowed down, shared mobility alone is projected to represent 16% of all global travel by 2040, clocking in at an impressive 4,250 billion kilometers – that’s over 100 million laps around the world.

Sustainable multi-modal transportation – the technical term for using different means of transportation to complete a trip – is what MOBIX wants to promote. When we launched MOBIX in late 2021, MOBIX was the first app to reward users around the world for saving CO2 while riding their bikes, eBikes, eScooters, cargo bikes, and more. Today, 14 months and several app updates later, the MOBIX app is used by thousands of micromobilists on a daily basis in more than 170 countries. This results in almost 1 ton of saved CO2 each day!

From Micromobility to Ecomobility

In order to know whether trips have been done with emission-free vehicles, the MOBIX team has developed an algorithm that detects and differentiates between different modes of transportation, while preserving the privacy of individual users at the same time. MOBIX users earn a fixed amount of MOBIX Miles per each trip that can be swapped with MOBIX tokens every Monday. 

But, what about all this talk of multi-modality if users of – emission-free – electric vehicles don’t benefit? Exactly this will change! The big news is that MOBIX will broaden its scope from micromobility to ecomobility; i.e. soon, EV drivers will also benefit from using the MOBIX app! 

Rewards for EV Charging

As with riding your bike, eBike, cargo bike, or eScooter, driving your EV will earn you MOBIX Miles! However, there will be a different reward mechanism in place for EVs than for micromobility vehicles. While earning MOBIX Miles with a micromobility vehicle is based on your completed trips, you will earn MOBIX Miles for riding your EV at the charging point: as soon as you have finished charging your EV, you will be rewarded with MOBIX Miles. The logic behind this MOBIX EV charging reward mechanism: you consumed the amount of power you now charge your EV with – and this is your investment in sustainable transportation that will be rewarded by MOBIX!

The MOBIX team is more than happy to extend the MOBIX Miles reward scheme to EVs since taking your EV to the city and riding a bike or scooter on the last mile to complete your trip has become quite a common mobility scenario these days.

The MOBIX Expansion - From Micromobility to Ecomobility

More and more carmakers offer eScooters or eBikes together with their electric models such as Mercedes, or Audi: when configuring a new car online, you will be offered to also add an eScooter or eBike to the list of your supplementary equipment. This multi-modal mobility is the best way to save CO2 and minimize traffic noise while being fully mobile over both, long and short distances.

The MOBIX team is working on the extension of the MOBIX Miles reward scheme and is planning to launch this upgrade of the MOBIX app this summer. So, if you’ve been considering buying a new car – now here’s your incentive to make the right choice!

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