Izmir MOBIX Day IMD – MOBIX Marketplace Turkey Launch – postponed

by | Feb 1, 2023

[ UPDATE ] We have rescheduled the Izmir MOBIX Day and the launch of the MOBIX Marketplace Turkey with Market Partners in Izmir to April, 29th, 2023!

Due to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the Izmir MOBIX Day has to be postponed to a later date. We wish our Turkish and Syrian friends all the best!

As announced in our Outlook, the year 2023 will become the year of the MOBIX Marketplace. One of the first MOBIX countries is Turkey, with MOBIX Marketplace Launch Partners in the vibrant city of Izmir. The Izmir MOBIX Day IMD will take place on 04 March 2023…in Izmir!


As seen in this video, micromobility users who start their trips with the MOBIX app will be rewarded with MOBIX Miles which can then be swapped with MOBIX tokens. On the MOBIX Marketplace, MOBIX tokens can be used to exchange them for products and services offered by our MOBIX Marketplace Üartners.

Additionally, MOBIX Marketplace Partners will reward loyal customers with MOBIX tokens for their continuing trust in their shops and stores.

We have chosen the vibrant Mediterranean city of Izmir as a location to launch MOBIX Marketplace Turkey not only because of its beauty but because more than 425,000 of its 4.2 million residents participate in the city’s bike-sharing service Bisim, alone. With roughly 600,000 residents more than the German capital Berlin (3.6 million) and less than 2% of Berlin’s area, Izmir residents are clever enough to trust in riding their bikes, scooters, and other micromobility vehicles, to save CO2 and prevent the city from becoming polluted.

If you live in or have plans to visit Izmir, don’t miss Izmir MOBIX Day IMD on 04 March 2023! More information about the first MOBIX Marketplace partners will follow, soon. Stay tuned!