MOBIX App & Marketplace – December 2022 Update

by | Dec 6, 2022

With the December update of MOBIX, the team is focusing on further developing the MOBIX ecosystem by providing MOBIX Marketplace partners with new ways to address MOBIXians with their products and services. Let’s see what has changed!

If you have been using MOBIX and following our channels, you will have noticed that the first phase of MOBIX was directed to the crypto-affine community. With the December 2022 update, we are entering the next phase of MOBIX: Closing the loop of the MOBIX ecosystem.

MOBIX App & Marketplace - December 2022 Update
The MOBIX Ecosystem: Level 1 (MOBIX Staking, Move to Earn, and Exchange) is done. Now MOBIX is completing Levels 2 & 3.

First off, we have redesigned the onboarding for new MOBIX users. Whereas the first version of our onboarding was – in terms of crypto wallets – user-friendly in its way, the onboarding now is super easy and fun for mainstream users:

MOBIX App & Marketplace - December 2022 Update

Another step we are taking towards closing the MOBIX ecosystem completion is the integration of sponsored banners: MOBIX Marketplace partners can now promote themselves and their products and services on valuable real estate (i.e. premium spots) throughout the MOBIX app:

MOBIX App & Marketplace - December 2022 Update

This includes the MOBIX Miles screen, the conversion success screen, and the most viewed screen of all, the trip screen. If you or your company are interested in booking a sponsored banner, please contact us!

That said, we have also improved the Unstoppable experience and added overall improvements in performance and UI. Plus, minor bugs were cleaned out in the process. Hope you enjoy – lets MOBIX 🚲 🛴 🚲 🛴 🚲 🛴

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