Understanding The MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace

by | Apr 20, 2022

This post is aimed directly at anyone who wants to get familiar with MOBIX, MOBX tokens and a general picture of the MOBIX ecosystem, aka MOBIX Marketplace. We will describe what MOBIX is doing, how users (the MOBIX community) can earn MOBX tokens, why we are distributing them and how business partners (both, product and service providers) can benefit from targeting the worldwide MOBIX community. 

While this post provides a general overview, there are and will be complementary posts describing parts of the MOBIX Marketplace in more detail. As of today, the following deep dive posts have been published:

What is the purpose of MOBIX?

MOBIX helps to reduce the human carbon footprint by incentivizing a global community to use eco-friendly means of transport. Various international research projects have shown that switching to sustainable forms of transportation – i.e. micromobility – may significantly reduce global CO2 emissions. 

How does this work?

We have developed a highly attractive move2earn system, rewarding the global MOBIX community for actively moving around in a more sustainable way (e.g. riding bikes, e-Bikes, e-Scooters, cargo bikes, etc.), hence saving on CO2. Members collect MOBIX Miles for every emission-free-trip they make. These miles can be converted into MOBX tokens on a weekly basis.

The MOBIX Marketplace is based on three key levels and shows

i) the different methods on how to accumulate more MOBX tokens,

ii) how MOBIX users and MOBIX partners (providers of goods and services) interact, and

iii) how all MOBIX market participants can actually generate added value for everbody.

Level 1: Earning and receiving MOBX tokens 

As of today, there are three ways to earn and receive MOBX:

  1. Usage Mining: MOBIX offers a move2earn system, where users receive rewards for moving eco-friendly. By simply biking or riding eScooters, etc., MOBIX users earn miles which will be converted into MOBX tokens.
  2. Staking: MOBX tokens can be staked directly within the MOBIX wallet. Staking provides two major advantages. Every participant receives i) attractive APRs and ii) can raise her user level depending on the staked amount. A higher user level translates into a higher MOBIX miles-MOBX Token conversion ratio.
  3. Exchanges (listing will be announced): MOBX tokens can be bought at crypto exchanges and consequently be staked within MOBIX wallet, or used within the ecosystem as a means of discount, hence generating more MOBX.

Level 2: The MOBIX MarketplaceDigital Interactions

The MOBIX marketplace aims at connecting the digital world and real world applications within its comprehensive move2earn system. The way, in which users and partners interact digitally is straightforward. While a community member is taking an eco-friendly trip, she can receive push notifications and promotions from our partners. The interactions are subsumed under the topics i) MOBIX ads and ii) partner programs. Please note that we are working with very strict privacy guidelines and do not distribute any personal user data. 

  1. MOBIX Ads

Ads can be enabled by each partner within the marketplace. The ads will be announced via push notifications and in-app notifications that will be shown either i) according to context and preferences (e.g. a user loves specific online services and will be contacted) or ii) according to location (a user passes a partner store or a partner restaurant). 

Push notifications and in-app notifications can comprise every information a partner might want to send to the user, such as time limited promotions (e.g. “receive a free espresso within the next hour”) or general information about discount opportunities (e.g.“every active MOBIX member will receive a 15% discount at our restaurant”)

  1. MOBIX Partner Program

There are several ways to enter the MOBIX partner program, which will be described in detail separately in a future blog post. Here are some examples of how to enter the marketplace:

  • Micromobility service provider (e.g. e-Scooter rental services) can target community members to use their vehicles at a specific discount.
  • Companies may reward their employees for using eco-friendly means of transport 
  • Health insurances may want to incentivize more walking, running, biking and are able to provide rewards.
  • Example: Bike stores or (including e-Bikes, e-Scooters, cargo bikes, etc.) can earn MOBX by recommending MOBIX to their customers. Customers additionally receive a MOBIX mobility bonus for buying or renting at official MOBIX partner stores.
  • Example: Coffee stores or restaurants can i) attract users with ads and ii) offer the possibility for users to exchange MOBX tokens in return for (discounts on) goods and services.

Level 3: The MOBIX MarketplaceReal World Interactions

Ads and in-app notifications targeting MOBIX users according to their current locations (see above) can offer special goods and services at their venues and/or for using their services in general. This is how MOBIX builds a bridge between the digital world that works through digital interactions and is powered by blockchain technology, and the physical, real world.

Creating Real-World Value

In other words, whenever a community member is using a specific e-Scooter rental service and enters a specific coffee shop to buy her daily espresso, real world interactions between the MOBIX community and MOBIX partners occur. These interactions may be fostered by discounts , promotions, give-aways etc., hence creating real value to the MOBIX community.

Feel free to leave your comment, opinion and ideas regarding the MOBiX Marketplace! You also might want to join our MOBIX communities on TwitterLinkedIn, and Telegram, and discuss all things micromobility with the MOBIX team! See you there!