Two Pizzas for 10,000 MOBX?

by | Dec 20, 2021

Do you know Laszlo Hanyecz? Yeah, the legend, who paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas in May 2010. Today, that would be 416 Million EUR. But don’t worry, that was not your last chance to be a contributor to an early-stage blockchain project.

10,000 MOBX Usage Rewards Per Week

For a while, we will give out 10,000 MOBX periodically (every week) via our Usage Mining Reward Pool. This reward pool is managed by our Reward AEA. Every eligible address, which collected MOBIX Miles, will earn its fair share from the weekly usage mining reward pool.

What Is In For You?

  • 10,000 MOBX are provided each week in the Usage Mining Pool. These MOBX tokens will be claimable for all MOBIX Miles collected in the that specific week. Claiming these miles will be enabled starting the Monday after which the week is over.
  • Hence, 120,000 MOBX (10,000 x 12 weeks) for all eligible wallets have accumulated MOBIX Miles between the start of the MOBIX stakedrop on October 20, 2021 and the first day on which MOBIX Miles was first intended to be converted into MOBX (January 10, 2022) as of the rule above.
  • UPDATE: Since MOBIX Miles Conversion has been moved to February 2022, MOBX rewards will further accumulate per each week until the first MOBIX Miles conversion date, according to the rule listed at the top of this list.
  • If you’re asking yourself “How Does the MOBIX Miles – Token Conversion Work?” checkout this post on the math behind this process.

Don’t Miss Out On This One

We can’t promise that MOBIX Usage Rewards will always stay that high. Be an early adopter and maximize your share in the MOBIX ecosystem before everyone talks about it.

What do you need to do?

Download and open the MOBIX Wallet on your smartphone and start Usage Mining $MOBX by earning MOBIX Miles in February 2022.

What’s Next? $MOBX Staking!

Soon, you will be able to earn passive income by contributing to the market stability of $MOBX. Be ready for 2022!

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