What’s New in MOBIX Mobile App Version 0.2?

by | Dec 3, 2021

The initial version of MOBIX Wallet gave you the chance to part take in the MOBIX stakedrop and start earning your first MOBIX Miles. Today, the MOBIX team has delivered an update that focuses on getting the word on MOBIX out!

Refer a friend – and earn MOBIX Miles!
You can now invite friends to sign up and use MOBIX. For each new verification with your referral link, you will be rewarded MOBIX Miles. Your freshly referred friend will also receive MOBIX Miles for doing so.

Ride & earn with your own micromobility vehicle!
You have been asking us if you can earn MOBIX Miles with your own scooter, bike or other micromobility vehicle with zero emission. With the 0.2 update, we are introducing exactly this! You can now be rewarded with MOBIX Miles by starting a ride with your own bike (or scooter, or skates, or skateboard…).

Relink your Fetch.ai mainnet wallet for stakedrop
If you are taking part in the initial MOBX stakedrop this might be relevant for your. In case you have linked the wrong Fetch.ai wallet (or things went wrong in the linking process in another way), you are now able to re- and unlink your MOBIX wallet from your Fetch.ai wallet and start over the process!

Design improvements
We have been working on the overall user experience, too: The user flow is now optimized after starting a trip and we gave the UI a map showing your position. You can leave the view without cancelling your trip – you can also cancel it altogether in case you want to restart it.

You might have tried to sign out of the app via the respective menu item. We have implemented a sign-out process that makes sure you don’t leave without your backup phrase in case you haven’t noted it down. Signing out is now much smoother and less abrupt.

So, go ahead and take the new MOBIX app for a spin – it’s available for download here: