MOBIX – Get Instant Rewards for Saving CO2!

by | Oct 4, 2021

MOBIX rewards you for moving around whilst avoiding CO2 emissions. For every distance you cover by e-scooter, bike, e-bike, e-moped, amongst other zero-emission vehicles, or even by foot, you are rewarded with MOBIX Reward tokens!

MOBIX not only rewards you with real value – it brings together your way of eco-friendly movement with context-relevant specials around – and just for – you! And it does this in a 100% privacy-preserving way, as described in our Deep Parking blogpost. Are you ready to save the planet?

Let’s MOBIX!

PS: Don’t forget to stake your FET mainnet tokens in order to receive bonus MOBIX tokens through our MOBIX stakedrop starting on October, 20!