With Eager Anticipation of Post-Pandemic Micromobility Liberties – Announcing MOBIX

by | Apr 23, 2021

There are these signs, and it seems we can see all the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel: in some areas, people are already enjoying their regained liberties by meeting and eating together outside or even inside. In other areas, such as Germany, we are still experiencing lock-downs wearing people out for months. But, no – we won’t give up – and with the increasing overall availability of vaccines, we can envision that COVID-19 becomes manageable this summer!

The Case For Micromobility

What will you do when life is normalised? You leave your prison walls, go out, move through your vicinity, start travelling and meeting with friends, again! Maybe you go into town for the first time for months – then it might be the case that you realise some significant changes in the cityscape: you see traffic-calmed sectors where cars polluted the air before, or you don’t see traffic lanes at all since they have been eliminated in favour of bike lanes. You definitely will see even more scooters, e-bikes, peddles, and cargo bikes than ever before. Urban residents will become mobile again and want to move around their 15-minute cities without 1.000 kilograms of metal around them, congesting the streets and polluting the air, but instead moving around freely and quickly transporting themselves, their kids, groceries and other goods using eco-friendly micromobility vehicles.

Enters MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace

Equipped with the MOBIX Wallet, a mobile app, people will be able to search and discover the next scooter, e-bike or cargo bike when they leave their homes or get off the subway. They know that the scooter will still be available when they arrive at its position since they have reserved it using MOBIX wallet. Arriving at their destination, riders will be rewarded for riding the scooter by MOBX Reward Tokens received in the MOBIX Wallet. A very slick user experience is quite some heavy work for the MOBIX Autonomous Agents that do all the work for the micromobility user. These little code snippets, developed by our partner Fetch.ai, search and find the next scooter and ensure that the user is being rewarded for her ride. The scooter rider doesn’t have to know anything about these Autonomous Agents – they do their work on behalf of the user’s preferences. However, since Autonomous Agents are somehow miraculous, we will elaborate on their tasks in MOBIX in one of our next posts.

Save The Date: 20 October – 20 December 2021 For The MOBX Reward Token Stakedrop

Avid readers may have spotted a missing “i” in the MOBX Reward Token (compared with MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace). This isn’t a bug, but it’s a feature. MOBX is the acronym of the reward token that plays a central role in MOBIX. The MOBX token will reward and incentivise the use of micromobility services and infrastructure. You can find more about the role of the MOBX token in the MOBIX Litepaper. The MOBX token will be ‘stakedropped’; i.e. the first batch of MOBX tokens will be distributed to FET token holders, who have staked their tokens on the Fetch.ai mainnet. The first MOBX stakedrop will start on 15 July and will end on 15 September 2021.

[EDIT: We changed the MOBX stakedrop period due to the planned Fetch.ai mainnet switch: The first MOBX stakedrop will start on 30 July and will end on 30 September 2021.]
[EDIT 2: We changed the MOBX stakedrop period for the second time due to the planned Fetch.ai mainnet switch: The first MOBX stakedrop will start on 3 August and will end on 30 September 2021.]

[EDIT 3: We changed the MOBX stakedrop period for the third – and hopefully last time – due to the delayed Fetch.ai mainnet switch: The first MOBX stakedrop will start on 20 September and will end on 20 November 2021.]

[EDIT 4: We changed the MOBX stakedrop period for the last time – because of a delay originated in the IAA Mobility which consumed all our attention for some weeks. The first MOBX stakedrop will start on 20 October and will end on 20 December 2021.]

You find a specific blog post on the MOBX stakedrop, including its tokenomics, here.

The MOBIX team is more than excited and can’t wait for the MOBX stakedrop and the associated launch of the MOBIX Wallet! We hope that our expectations regarding COVID-19 become true and would love to see you all on the streets, in the bars, at the clubs! In case you are a micromobility service or infrastructure provider, please get in contact with us to discuss cooperation.