MOBIX Tokenomics

by | Jul 6, 2021

MOBIX Micromobiity Marketplace is the third protocol to join the ecosystem and leverage its technology, such as Autonomous Economic Agents. Similar to Mettalex, the world’s first DEX focusing on token-based commodities trading, MOBIX will not go through any traditional seed or private rounds of funding. The project will effectively be seeded by the community. 

MOBIX pioneers a unique approach of launching a blockchain-based project to support a global real-life use case: eco-friendly transport in metropolitan areas – aka micromobility. The MOBIX tokenomics ensure a fair and broad token distribution to the true and loyal supporters of the MOBIX protocol and the ecosystem.

What is MOBIX?

MOBIX incentivizes the micromobility ecosystem with an incentive scheme for sustainable, eco-friendly urban mobility. Providers of micromobility services and products or micromobility infrastructure can promote their services and products to MOBIX wallet owners, enabling MOBIX users to earn rewards for using eco-friendly transport.

Who is MOBIX for?

The protocol serves three types of users: Micromobility Consumers (MSC), Micromobility Service Providers (MSP), and Micromobility Infrastructure Providers (MIP).

Micromobility Service Consumers (MSC)

Until 2035, more than 3,3 billion people will live in the 2.000 largest cities. Residents of metropolitan areas face huge challenges regarding inner-urban transport: CO2-emissions, daily traffic jams, and stressed drivers . Micromobility is the eco-friendly, alternative mode of transportation that solves many of these problems. However, availability of micromobility services and producs, alone, is not sufficient: what is needed, is a simple incentivistion scheme that motivates urban residents around the world to use micrombility instead of cars. By receiving MOBX tokens for using micromobility, users are rewarded and incentivized to abandon their cars and start minimizing their CO2-footprints. In addition Mobix, uses the very best automated Privacy-Tech to make sure consumer data stays safe while still providing timely and accurate context sensitive offerings.

Benefits to MSCs include:

  • Finding and booking the best micromobility deals automatically and receiving MOBX as a reward
  • Ability to actively pull highly customised individual offers based on private computation
  • Privacy preserving Autonomous Economic Agents. These agents work hard on behalf of consumers to ensure GDPR and privacy compliance
  • Privacy by Design with authentication and communication via Self Sovereign Identity protocols

Micromobility Service Providers (MSP)

The main objective is to provide Micromobility Service Providers with direct access to millions of end-users and corporate users of micromobility; i.e. the transportation of humans and goods. These providers currently only have access to limited user groups in scattered locations.

Benefits to MSPs include:

  • Access to a virtually unlimited number of users through GDPR-compliant privacy-preserving context aware marketing technology
  • Revenue growth
  • New crypto target group 

Micromobility Infrastructure Providers (MIP)

Infrastructure providers, such as owners and operator of buildings, can optimise asset utilisation by offering available space and surplus capacity to the community in a dynamic way and based on market needs. Better utilisation means minimised fixed costs, and, in consequence, maximised asset values.

Benefits to Micromobility Infrastructure Providers MIPs include:

  • Functionalities for privacy preserving data monetization
  • Access to a virtually unlimited number of consumers
  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Maximized asset values

The MOBX Token – An Overview

The MOBX token functions as a reward token for the use of micromobility. For more detailed information, see here, and our MOBX token related blog posts.

MOBX Token Allocation

The total number of MOBX tokens that will be created is 100,000,000.

MOBIX Micromobility Rewards

75% of all MOBX tokens (75 million) are assigned as rewards for users engaging with micromobility offerings. Community Distributions

In total, 4% of the total MOBX supply (4 million) will be distributed to FET stakers on the mainnet. The first MOBX stakedrop, with a distribution of 2% of the total supply (2 million) has been announced already and is expected to launch on September 20, 2021. On that day, 2.000.000 MOBX tokens will start to being distributed to users staking FET on the mainnet over a 2-month period, until 20 NOV 2021. Two more stake drops with each 1% of the total supply (1m) will be executed over time. Both stakedrops will be announced at least 2 weeks before starting.

MOBX Development

5% of all MOBX (5 million) will be dedicated to the future development of MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace.

MOBX Reserve

1% of all MOBX (1 million) will be dedicated to a reserve which will be tapped into as a source of liquidity and to support marketing and listing activities.


15.0% (15 million) of all MOBX tokens will be shared with the MOBIX,, and Datarella teams.

You find more information on MOBiX in the Litepaper. You can also join the MOBIX Community on Telegram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.