Ride and Earn!

The MOBIX app serves as your digital wallet in the ecomobility ecosystem. With the MOBIX app, you will be rewarded for your eco-friendly trips. You can earn MOBX tokens while riding a bike, a scooter or any other micromobility vehicle.
As a bonus, you can also get MOBX tokens from our MOBIX Partners (shops, cafés, theaters, galleries…) for your purchases!

Learn more on “How to MOBIX” below!

How to MOBIX:

1. Download

Download the MOBIX App to your phone - for
iPhone or Android!

2. Collect

Show your QR code to the MOBIX partner to receive MOBIX tokens as a bonus.

3. Shop!

Scan the MOBIX QR code of our partner to utilize your MOBX!

Got Questions?

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers here for you!

1. How do I set up my MOBIX app?

  • After you download the app (for iPhone or Android), follow the simple steps on the screen.
  • You will be all set to receive MOBIX in less than a minute!

2. How do I earn MOBIX Miles?

  • Launch the MOBIX App on your phone.
  • Press the “Start” button in the MOBIX app before starting a trip.
  • You’ll be rewarded with 5 MOBIX Miles at the end of a 10-minute journey.
  • You can collect MOBIX Miles up to 5 times a day.
  • You can convert MOBIX Miles to MOBIX every Monday (allow MOBIX to send you Notifications so you get a reminder!).

3. How do I get MOBIX Tokens ($MOBX)?

Besides earning $MOBX by riding your bike, scooter or any other ecomobility vehicle, you can get more $MOBX by:

  1. Asking a MOBIX friend to send you some $MOBX – the easiest way, huh? 🙂
  2. Staking your $MOBX in the MOBIX app to generate passive income.
  3. Buy $MOBX at an exchange. Follow these instructions to do so.
  4. Receiving $MOBX  bonus from our MOBIX marketplace partners.

4. What can I do with my MOBIX Miles?

  • MOBIX Monday is the best day to convert the MOBIX Miles you collected in the previous week, to MOBX Tokens.
  • To do so, tap on “Miles” in the MOBIX app and then “Claim my MOBX”.

5. How do I redeem MOBIX tokens?

  •  Launch the MOBIX app before shopping with MOBX.
  • Scan the QR code of our MOBIX Marketplace Partner.
    To do this, simply follow these steps:
    “Wallet” -> your “MOBIX” balance -> “Send”

6. How do I recognize a MOBIX partner?

  • You can recognize MOBIX Marketplace Partners by the
    “Official MOBIX Partner” sign.
  • You can find our MOBIX logo by the cash register, other premises, or on their website.
  • Using the MOBIX app, you can receive $MOBX as a bonus from our MOBIX partners and shop at their stores.
    To do this, simply follow these steps:
    “Wallet” -> your “MOBIX” balance -> either “Send” or “Receive”

7. How can I build up savings with MOBIX tokens?

You save MOBIX tokens and generate passive income by tapping on “Stake your MOBIX tokens” in the MOBIX app and following the instructions.

8. How much interest will I receive for saving with MOBIX?

The interest rates for saving MOBIX tokens are dynamic. You can find out the current interest rate in the MOBIX app by tapping on “Stake your MOBIX tokens”.

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