Self-Sovereign Identity 

In a digitized world with all its advantages of leveraging information to benefit everybody, data sovereignty is one of Рif not the Рmost important aspect(s) for individuals to preserve their privacy. Private data is data that users keep to themselves, s.a. any personal, personally identifiable, lifestyle or other sensitive information.

The more data the Autonomous Economic Agents used by MOBIX can compute on, the better the results and the more beneficuial MOBIX will be for consumers and suppliers of micromobility services.

Since MOBIX fully respects the privacy of its users, a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) architecture is integrated to preserve privacy by design. With the MOBIX wallet, users are in full control of their identity and decide what part of their identity information they share with whom. Users can pro-actively opt-in to receive personalized promotions. 


A unique element of the MOBIX Wallet is its integrated key recovery mechanism: Provided by MOBIX partner Datarella, its Smart Decentralized Key Recovery (SDKR) allows users to recover their keys (e.g. password) which had exclusively been stored on their devices; i.e. not on a MOBIX server, but only decentrally. In most existing applications, users would not be able to recover their keys if stored decentrally only: they would be lost  forever and all information could not be accessed anymore, With SDKR, a MOBIX Wallet user is safe Рshe can relax since she benefits from the highest possible security when storing her keys while knowing that she could recover these if needed.

Both, Autonomous Economic Agents and the Self-Sovereign Identity architecture are built on top of the blockchain that ensures a fast, reliable data processing.