Improving children’s lives with Pedal Power on World Bicycle Day

by | May 8, 2024

June 3rd is a day like no other for cyclists. In 2018, the United Nations declared this date as World Bicycle Day to honor the unique impact of bicycles in our world. Across history and contemporary society, the humble bicycle has proven to be a revolutionary mode of transportation. It empowers people of all ages and income levels, offering an accessible, eco-friendly, and health-boosting way to get around.

Think about it: When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Did it make you smile or offer a feeling of liberation as you cruised down the street? That’s the beauty of cycling: it’s a simple joy with a profound impact. More than just a mode of transport, cycling fosters creativity, social connectivity, and environmental awareness. Regular cycling strengthens muscles, boosts cardiovascular health, and supports mental well-being. Beyond individual health benefits, it also nurtures community spirit by helping to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution. By embracing cycling as part of a daily commute or leisure activity, we contribute to the well-being of ourselves and our environment.

3 Bicycles for 3 Kids Campaign

World Bicycle Day recognizes the positive effects of cycling on individuals and communities and calls for everyone to join the ride. To mark World Bicycle Day, cities and societies worldwide organize community rides, charity events, and awareness campaigns. This year, the MOBIX Türkiye community has come together to make a difference with the “3 Bicycles for 3 Kids” campaign. Their mission is simple yet impactful: bring joy and the spirit of cycling to three children by gifting them bicycles.

Why is this campaign so important?

  1. Spirit of Cooperation: As adult cyclists, we can share the spirit of solidarity by ensuring children have bicycles from an early age.
  2. Healthy Living: Cycling lays the foundation for healthy living habits among children, instilling fitness practices that can last a lifetime.
  3. Environmental Awareness: Kids who own bicycles are more likely to develop environmentally friendly habits, gaining an understanding of the importance of sustainable transportation.

Call for Support

Your support is crucial to make this campaign a success and help provide bicycles for these children. Spread the word, donate, or simply join us in wishing for this movement to grow and empower children to embrace a sustainable and active lifestyle. Your contributions can ensure this World Bicycle Day leaves a lasting impact.

Let’s make children smile with the tokens you earn by pedaling. A bicycle is not only a means of transportation, it also means freedom and happiness… With this campaign, we invite more children to this beautiful cycling world.

Join, and Share the Happiness!

  • Download the MOBIX app. Start collecting MOBIX miles by pressing the [Start] button in the app when starting your ride. Convert your MOBIX miles into MOBX tokens on MOBIX Mondays.
  • Send your MOBX tokens to the World Bicycle Day Campaign Wallet Address: fetch1plkfk3pl4qrwzwjdmqan4t5nw7sewaswuxdc8g
  • You can directly send MOBX to the campaign wallet by clicking on this link (in case the MOBIX app isn’t available) – or scan the code below:
  • Register:  and take your place on our “Thank You” list!
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