Boost Your Stakes, Boost Your Rides: MOBIX Rewards Just Got Bigger!

by | Feb 27, 2024

Big News for the MOBIX Community: The MOBIX Staking Reward Pool Has Been Doubled!

We’re thrilled to announce an update for our MOBIX community members who have staked their MOBX tokens: your rewards for collecting MOBIX Miles on your eco-friendly trips just got a significant boost! With the staking reward pool now doubled, your commitment to sustainable transportation is about to become even more rewarding. This increase means you can expect a considerably higher APR on your staked MOBX tokens. For details on your APR, simply visit the staking section within the MOBIX wallet, accessible through the MOBIX mobile app.

Since its launch in June 2021, the MOBIX usage mining reward system has offered a point-based distribution method for earning MOBX tokens. While the foundational mechanics of the system have remained consistent, the enhancement to the staking reward pool marks a significant improvement, aimed at enriching your participation.

We’ve made these changes to get you even more pumped about riding bikes, cargo bikes, skateboards, and eScooters to rack up those MOBIX Miles. We’re excited to see how this boost will motivate our community to further embrace eco-friendly mobility options. Gear up for bigger rewards as you help make our planet a better place! #LetsMOBIX!