MOBIX & Bisikoop – Jointly Transforming The Urban Mobility Landscape in Turkey

by | Dec 18, 2023

MOBIX proudly announces a strategic partnership with Bisikoop, Turkey’s foremost bicycle cooperative dedicated to promoting cycling and sustainable transport projects across cities. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Bisikoop’s mission to mitigate the environmental impact of fossil-fuelled vehicles in urban areas.

As Turkey’s first and only bicycle cooperative, Bisikoop has been a trailblazer in sustainable transport, participating in initiatives like the “Cities on Bike” project with the United Nations to address climate change. This new partnership with MOBIX marks a significant empowerment for Bisikoop, reinforcing their commitment to combat climate change and pioneer sustainable transport solutions.

MOBIX & Bisikoop – Jointly Transforming The Urban Mobility Landscape in Turkey

The collaboration introduces a series of impactful campaigns aimed at making cycling more appealing. Key highlights of these initiatives include Bisikoop bicycle rental users receiving MOBIX Tokens as an incentive, providing them with access to various advantages and discounts. Also, users undergoing bicycle training at Bisikoop will be rewarded with extra MOBIX Miles when completing a training session.

These campaigns serve to incentivize bicycle usage, fostering a preference for Bisikoop in the journey towards sustainable transportation. Moreover, Bisikoop’s safety-focused bicycle training programs will reach an expanded audience through this partnership.

Beyond the practical aspects, Bisikoop, known for organizing bicycle festivals, social events, and cyclist-centric venues, aspires to elevate cycling to a symbol of urban life within the framework of this collaboration.

The combined efforts of Bisikoop’s environmental sustainability projects and MOBIX’s technological innovations contribute to a cleaner, greener, and healthier lifestyle. This strategic partnership heralds a new era for both organizations, with shared objectives such as increasing bicycle usage, reducing carbon emissions, and safeguarding green spaces. Together, Bisikoop and MOBIX are taking vital strides towards an environmentally friendly future in Turkey.