MOBIX joins the City of Izmir for European Mobility Week

by | Sep 13, 2023

Bicycles are ringing the bell, micromobility vehicles are reaching more people in the city. Mobility in the city of Izmir has never been more exciting! In collaboration with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and the Bicycle Transportation Development Platform (BUGEP), MOBIX is launching a groundbreaking campaign for European Mobility Week in Izmir, from 16-22 September 2023. In this article, we will present how MOBIX synergizes with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and local businesses, and highlight the advantages for MOBIX users in the journey.

European Mobility Week is organized to support global goals such as promoting sustainable transportation, reducing environmental pollution, and improving public health. The theme of this year’s European Mobility Week is ‘Discover Your City, Save Your Energy‘. It is absolutely important for Izmir and Turkey to promote sustainable transportation habits at the local level and draw attention to environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as public transport, walking, and cycling.

MOBIX contributes to sustainable development by promoting micromobility and cycling. Its importance for the cycling community in Turkey is to encourage cycling to become a part of daily life, not just a sporting activity, and to raise awareness about protecting the environment and human health. In addition, collaborations with local businesses create a win-win situation where both businesses and MOBIX users win through many different campaigns. Businesses are exposed to a wider customer base, while MOBIX users receive benefits such as special discounts and MOBX token gifts. This synergy also contributes to strengthening communities and the local economy.

Yoga Space, for instance, distributes MOBX tokens in their special yoga class as reward for cyclists. Yoga Space’s specialized “Yoga for Cyclists” class offers targeted stretching and strength-building exercises to help cyclists improve flexibility, balance, and core strength. Participating in Yoga Space’s campaign gives cyclists the unique opportunity to earn MOBX tokens, adding a financial incentive to the already attractive health benefits. This partnership aligns perfectly with Yoga Space’s holistic focus on health and sustainability, thereby strengthening its brand identity and resonance with like-minded individuals in the community.

Businesses such as Sundu Bisiklet, Mahalle the Restaurant, Aperta Coffee, Solas Coffee and Levent Büfe will also draw attention from cyclists with MOBX token rewards. MOBIX Family members exchange their MOBIX Miles and Tokens with products and services provided by these MOBIX Market Partners.

The cooperation of these businesses with MOBIX is in line with the overall theme of the campaign “Discover Your City, Save Your Energy”. While the businesses are located around the European Mobility Week zone, users use their bikes and escooters to explore the city and enjoy different experiences, earning extra MOBX tokens.

CO2 Reduction and Extra Benefits

By avoiding CO2 emissions, users of micromobility vehicles contribute to making their cities cleaner and healthier. Users who can see how much CO2 they have saved through MOBIX earn MOBX Tokens for their contribution and benefit from special offers.

Cyclist Communities, Local Businesses and MOBIX: Stronger Together

By participating in the European Mobility Week with a specific focus, MOBIX, together with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, BUGEP and local businesses, aims to positively impact not only bicycle and scooter users, but all citizens of Izmir. Events and collaborations like these contribute to the city’s sustainability goals and raise public awareness.

When in Izmir (or wherever you are right now) grab your bike or escooter and start the MOBIX app for a sustainable city! 🚴‍♀️🛴