MOBIX Partners with Where To? App To Incentivize Sustainable Mobility Worldwide

by | Jun 23, 2023

Starting today, Where To? users can enjoy the advantages of sustainable mobility through MOBIX and the Where To? app. Users will be rewarded with MOBIX Miles for every trip they take while searching for various destinations, such as restaurants, bank branches, billiard clubs, and more. Whether it’s in popular cities like Paris, Delhi, or San Francisco, or even in their local neighborhoods, Where To? users will be incentivized for their efforts in reducing CO2 emissions.

Your Local Guide

Where To? is your local guide in your pocket! It provides you with dinner menus, photos, videos, business hours, and more details. All you have to do is choose — then make a reservation, order your meal, or check the place’s homepage.

In Where To?, users can choose to start their trips with MOBIX. Or, if they haven’t already installed the MOBIX app, they can conveniently download it. “By supporting bicycle navigation and hundreds of shared bike and scooter providers, we help our users to get to their destination hassle- and emission-free. With MOBIX, users even get a small reward for making our planet greener”, says Ortwin Gentz, CEO of Where To? publisher FutureTap.

“As long-time users of Where To?, we are delighted to witness the smooth incorporation of MOBIX. Now, in addition to easily locating their preferred destinations, users can effortlessly accumulate MOBIX Miles on the go.”, says Michael Reuter, CEO of MOBIX. “We invite all MOBIX app users to download Where To? and encounter the best possible experience while searching for their preferred destinations.”

Phone, Apple Watch & Voice

Both, MOBIX and Where TO?, work seamlessly on your phone, your Apple Watch, and with Siri! While MOBIX lets you select between riding your own or shared bikes, scooters, or other vehicles, Where To? displays nearby results right on your wrist!

Augmented Reality

Where To? even offers an ultra-cool augmented reality experience: Nearby locations are displayed in the live camera image, on top of reality. Being able to see through walls, it’s like X-ray vision for your iPhone!

The MOBIX and Where To? teams are looking forward to motivating more and more people worldwide to use sustainable transportation and save tons of CO2! You also might want to join our MOBIX communities on TwitterLinkedIn, and Telegram, and discuss all things ecomobility with the MOBIX team – see you there!