Convenient EV Charging – Get Ready For MOBIX Park & Charge!

by | May 23, 2023

Are you suffering from range anxiety? Are you hesitant to buy an electric vehicle as your next car because you doubt to do trips in the same convenient way as with your combustion engine car? Do not fear any longer – relief is near: With Park & Charge the MOBIX Family adds up to 10 private charging points to each public charging station, and makes sustainable EV driving hassle-free!

As announced previously, MOBIX Park & Charge will become available right before IAA Mobility, a huge mobility event in early September in Munich, Germany. MOBIX Park & Charge can be used by EV drivers who look for more available charging points – and, at the same time, by charging point owners who want to provide their chargers to the network.

MOBIX Park & Charge

Pre-register Your Charging Point!

With today’s MOBIX app update, MOBIX users are invited to pre-register their charging points. While the Park & Charge functionality is developed in the background, owners of private charging points can add their chargers using a form linked on the MOBIX website. All pre-registered charging points will be added to the MOBIX Park & Charge network as soon as the functionality will go online: providers can start earning MOBIX and drivers can conveniently reserve, use and pay for charging their EVs.

MOBIX Park & Charge is the first use case for the MOBIX Family – the worldwide neighborhood assistance. Providing a charger and charging an EV isn’t a fully technologically integrated affair: it instead relies on the community; i.e. MOBIX Family members can provide their chargers, meet with EV drivers and manage the charging process. An incalculable number of hardware options and contractors have made it almost impossible to connect privately owned charging points to the overall EV charging network. With MOBIX Park & Charge driven by the MOBIX Family, sustainable EV driving becomes more convenient and hassle-free, today!

Pre-register for MOBIX Park & Charge

A Glimpse Into The Future

While MOBIX Park & Charge is community-driven, the MOBIX team is working on a deeper technological integration as part of the Gaia-X moveID consortium, together with partners BOSCH, Continental, DENSO, ATOS,, peaq, Ocean, deltaDAO, 51 Nodes, Datarella, htw saar, ZU, Airbus, Materna, ITK Engineering, DLR,, ecsec, Chainstep, and WOBCOM. The moveID consortium will demonstrate a so-called Vehicle-to-X (V2X) version of the MOBIX app at the IAA Mobility. On September 6-9, interested individuals can apply for test rides with EVs that autonomously connect to parking lots and charging points. Yes, the driver is still needed to steer the car, but the rest is being done by Autonomous Agents. Sounds futuristic? It is, but it will become a reality, soon!

If you own a charging point, do not hesitate to pre-register! You also might want to join our MOBIX communities on TwitterLinkedIn, and Telegram, and discuss all things ecomobility with the MOBIX team – see you there!