How to send MOBX using Unstoppable Domain IDs

by | Oct 13, 2022

By introducing of our new partner Unstoppable Domains (UD) to the MOBIX app, MOBIX users from now on will benefit from a user friendly option to enter MOBIX wallet IDs for their transactions: MOBIX has integrated Unstoppable Domains ID (UD ID) resolution for recipient addresses. Let’s find out what this looks like!

What is Unstoppable Domains and why should you care?

Unstoppable Domains provides web3 domains in order to give users a digital identity. One advantage of this is that lengthy crypto wallet addresses can be replaced by these domain names, making them a lot more user friendly. UD reached unicorn status with its latest investment from Pantera Capital. So far, UD has registered 2.5 million web3 domains.

MOBIX chose to integrate with UD for several reasons:

  • Think of a UD ID like an email address for your crypto payments: UD enables unique, user friendly wallet addresses to be used for transactions throughout web3.
  • UD enables secure login to the decentralized web, without compromising your privacy.
  • UD lets you build and prove your digital identity for web3.

These features will become crucial for web3 mass adoption within the next months and years to come. MOBIX is starting to making use of them in order to ramp up for the next development stages.

How to send MOBX using Unstoppable Domain IDs

How can I use UD in MOBIX?

With this MOBIX app update, you can address MOBX directly to a UD ID. First off, the recipient of your transaction will need to own an Unstoppable Domain and have it configured to receive MOBX – which they can edit in their domain configuration (if you yourself already own a UD ID, find out here how you can connect it with MOBIX).

Simply enter the UD ID of your recipient in the address field when sending MOBX. If the recipient has configured UD ID to receive MOBX tokens, you will see the receiving MOBIX wallet id displayed below the field.

That’s it!