How To Trade MOBX on MEXC

by | Sep 21, 2022

image of How To Buy MOBX on MEXC

As announced, MOBIX will be listed on MEXC from 23 September 2022! MEXC is a centralized exchange, which is amongst the top CEX’s in the Web3 space. This guide shows you how to buy MOBIX Token on MEXC either with cryptos or with fiat money.

We describe two different approaches to buy your MOBX on MEXC.
You can either fill up your MEXC deposit with cryptos to buy MOBX or you can buy MOBX with fiat money. Note, that the following demonstration uses MEXC’s website, and not its mobile app. We try our best to guide you through this process. But as a beginner, try this process with a minimal amount of your assets first to gain some confidence. Please also note that MOBIX is not responsible for the loss of your assets, if anything goes wrong.

Before we start, you need to register on MEXC Global. You can use your E-Mail or your mobile phone number. We recommend you to set appropriate security measures, such as 2FA.

…with cryptos

1. Make sure you’re registered and logged-in successfully. When you hover over ‘Wallet’ on the right side of the top bar, a window opens where you click on ‘Overview’.

2. A new site opens. In the top, you can click on the green button ‘Deposit’.

3. Here, choose your crypto asset that you want to buy MOBX with: For example, USDT.

4. On the right side, you can choose the available network, on which your tokens are located. You should make sure that you select the correct network on which your tokens are stored, otherwise you run the risk of losing your tokens/coins. Additionally, (depending on the network where your funds are currently stored) you may be given a MEMO which you need to send your funds. If you do not enter the exact MEMO, you again risk your funds never arriving.

5. After you chose the right network, generate the address for the deposit.

You will get a notice that you should compare your generated address to the address that was sent to you by E-Mail. After you confirm, your deposit address is displayed, which you need to send your crypto assets. Alternatively, you can scan the QR-Codes for the address.

6. Send your crypto assets, now. Below on the page under ‘Recent Deposits’ you can check, if your Transaction was completed.

7. When your deposit was successful, you can go back to the Wallet overview, and you will find the deposited amount in your Spot Account, where all your crypto assets are listed.

8. To trade USDT for MOBX, go to the topbar again and hover over ‘Trade’. A window opens where you click on ‘Spot’.

9. You will be forwarded to a comprehensive trading desk. In the middle section of the trading desk (below the chart), you find the control elements to place your order and to buy your MOBX (see the screenshot). To do this immediately, choose a ‘Market’ order. The Market order trades your tokens at the best possible price. Type in the amount you want to trade, so in maximum the amount you have deposited. Execute your order.

10. Go back to the Wallet overview to find your purchased MOBX in the Spot Account, if the trade was successful.
11. Congratulations, you just bought your first MOBX on MEXC! You’re done, but if you want to get the most out of it, we recommend transferring your MOBX funds to the MOBX Wallet. Why and how to do this, we will explain to you in another blogpost very soon!

…with fiat money (debit/credit card)

If you prefer to buy MOBX with fiat money, use your debit or credit card.

To bring your fiat money on MEXC, you can use your debit/credit card, which we describe in the following. If you prefer a short video tutorial, check out this one from MEXC. Alternatively, you can use (international) bank transfer (SWIFT). We recommend using the debit/credit card option as it is much quicker than a traditional bank transfer.

However, before you’re allowed to make any fiat transfer, you need to complete the KYC process of MEXC. We recommend conducting the Advanced KYC.

1. Go to Settings in the topbar (nut screw symbol), and choose ‘Identification’.

2. Click on ‘Verify‘ for the Advanced KYC. For this process, you need to provide personal information and provide a facial recognition. Using the Web App, you don’t necessarily need to download the App, you will be provided a QR-Code or a link to take images of your ID and your face for the verification. When you’re finished, your identification status must switch then from ‘Verifying’ to ‘Verified’ on the Identification site before you can continue.

3. When verified successfully, go on ‘Buy Crypto’ in the topbar. Click on ‘Global Bank Transfer’.

4. Choose the currency that you want to transfer and the Payment method (‘Debit/Credit card’). Click on ‘Continue’.

5. On the next page, enter the amount, you want to transfer. But before, you need to enter your Bank Card information (Account number, CVV, etc.). Click on ‘Continue’.

6. Next, you will receive a One-Time-Password (OTP), which you need to enter and submit on the next site.

7. After a short while, you will get the notification, that your payment was successful and that you will receive your asset in your MEXC account, shortly.

When credited with USDT, you will find the USDT in your spot account. And you can follow the steps above, to buy your MOBX!