Introducing the MOBIX Mobility Bonus

by | Mar 21, 2022

People relying on mobility these days are experiencing major challenges. In particular, prices for fuel all over the world are rising to unprecedented heights. MOBIX wants to meet these current challenges with the MOBIX Mobility Bonus!

Bonuses for fuel are already being discussed publicly. But corresponding concepts are not yet proving to be very effective at this point. Meanwhile, we have to watch how the world community is overwhelmed with its task of slowing down the most significant of all current problems: Climate change. However, a fuel bonus is no help at all in reducing CO2 emissions.

MOBIX hereby makes it its mission to tackle both problems at the same time!

Conventional fuel bonus concepts are outdated and ineffective in meeting current needs. MOBIX, as an innovative blockchain-based micromobility solution, is able to take the approach of a mobility bonus that is much broader. It aims to provide mobility for a larger number of users in a sustainable way with the MOBIX Mobility Bonus!

How does MOBIX help?

MOBIX is a decentralized digital marketplace for users and providers of micromobility and related services and products. As a user you can collect MOBIX Miles for your micromobile, sustainable trips. These will ultimately be converted into MOBX tokens. MOBX tokens have a real value! The MOBIX Marketplace offers a variety of uses for your MOBX tokens. 

As a provider, you can position products and services (e.g. the ride with an eScooter) in the MOBIX Marketplace and offer them to users, who can buy them with their MOBX tokens.

In exchange for MOBIX tokens users can get discounted rides with eBikes, eScooters. Or discounts on products from our future Value Added Service Providers. Additionally, MOBIX tokens will be tradable on an increasing number of exchanges. If users choose not to spend their tokens on discounts, they can stake their MOBX tokens. This way they continuously earn MOBX tokens and become more and more a sovereign micromobility player.

Now, MOBIX rewards new users with the MOBIX Mobility Bonus as an Airdrop of MOBX tokens!

How to get the MOBIX Mobility Bonus?

With the MOBIX Mobility Bonus, MOBIX wants to reach as many people as possible to achieve the greatest possible impact.

MOBIX Mobility Bonus for employees: In particular, the idea is aimed at working people who depend on mobility on a regular basis. So start now! Share this opportunity with your employer to benefit effectively! Download the MOBIX Wallet. We will keep you informed about more details here in the MOBIX news section. 

MOBIX Mobility Bonus for employers: Contribute to relieve your workforce in this current situation and contribute to sustainability with the MOBIX Mobility Bonus. To get involved, apply for the MOBIX Micromobility Bonus. Get your MOBX tokens for your staff, and/or let us talk about a cooperation!