How Does The MOBIX Stakedrop Token Allocation Work?

by | Nov 19, 2021

The initial allocation of 2 million MOBX in the MOBIX stakedrop started on October 20, 2021, and ends on December 20, 2021. How are the MOBX Tokens allocated to FET stakers? We sat down with developers at in order to give you a rundown here of how this works.

The MOBX token allocation algorithm

All stake from enrolled participants for a given block is aggregated (T). Each block 1897389192 nano MOBX is allocated to the pool of participants. Each participants allocation (Ai) is calculated as based on the ratio of the participants staked FET (Si).

Therefore Ai = 1897389192  * ( Si / T )

To make the maths easier let’s assume the block drip rate was actually 2000 and that for a particular individual they had 500 FET staked and the total from all participants is 100000FET.

The allocation for that user would be:

Ai = 2000 * (500 / 100000)
Ai = 10

Note: The allocation is always done from a particular block height. Therefore if a user had a total of 400 FET stakes a block N and 500 FET staked at block N + 1, when processing block N the users Si would be 400 instead of 500.

If you have your FET staked on mainnet and want to take part in the MOBX stakedrop which runs until December 20, 2021, you can read here on how to participate.