MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace

by | Apr 7, 2021

MOBIX is a decentralized digital marketplace for suppliers and customers of micromobility applications, products and solutions. Urban mobility service and infrastructure providers offer their services and resources to individual and corporate users in metropolitan areas. AI-powered Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA) enable micromobility providers, products, and users to connect and interact directly with each other thereby automating and optimising key micromobility processes such as marketing, search and discovery, settlement, payment and billing. The aim of MOBIX is to make life for residents in urban areas more social and more convenient.

Micromobility providers and users connect their digital identities (DIDs) to the MOBIX network, and immediately start offering and consuming micromobility resources and services. Benefitting commercial building owners and tenants, digital twins on MOBIX bring together previously unconnected systems, from security to HVAC, or way finding, optimise workflows, reduce costs, increase occupancy rates, and improve overall asset utilisation and value. 

The MOBIX blockchain provides security and trust, and allows for highly efficient processes, such as fully automated micropayments. Based on a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) infrastructure, it provides the user with full control over their own data (data sovereignty) and creates a non-discriminating environment for collaboration, cooperation and competition.

The nucleus of MOBIX is the MOBX token that functions as a reward token, i.e. a financial incentive, for the use of micromobility services. Starting as a simple reward for the use of any service, over time the token will become the key incentivisation instrument for micromobility service and infrastructure providers to have their services being promoted in an automated, contextualised way. MOBX token value is created through the use of micromobility services and infrastructure on the MOBIX Marketplace: for each transaction on the MOBIX Marketplace, users receive a revenue share. That, in consequence, creates a sustainably growing micromobility ecosystem.