Welcome to MOBIX

We reduce the human carbon footprint.

Use eco-friendly transport and earn MOBX tokens! With every eco-friendly trip you take, you will earn MOBIX Miles, which will be converted into MOBX tokens.

The MOBX reward token:

Tradable at exchanges soon

Can be used to get discounts on goods and services provided by MOBIX Marketplace partners in the future, e.g. your daily espresso

Can be staked in our app to accumulate more MOBX at very attractive APYs

Can be spend for NFTs and items on the MOBIX Marketplace in the future

Participate in the MOBIX Gleam Airdrop
and win MOBX!
Ends at 14h UTC on February 11, 2022


The more tasks you fulfill, the higher your chances of winning:

Participate in the MOBIX Gleam Airdrop
and win MOBX!
Ends at 14h UTC on February 11, 2022

250 MOBX

1st Place

150 MOBX

3rd Place

200 MOBX

2nd Place

100 MOBX

4th Place


for 5th to 10th Place

10,000 x 1 MOBX

for remaining participants


Complete 10 easy tasks ✅
Enter the competition to win 🏆🏆🏆

MOBIX will never sell or hoard your data!

We are using Gleam.io as a tool to increase awareness for the MOBIX wallet and to expand our user base. To sign up, you will only require a MOBIX address. Please keep in mind, that all transfers are publicly visible on the Fetch.Ai Blockchain via their block explorer. To keep your main wallet private, we recommend using a newly created MOBIX address to make correlation between your main account and your social media impossible.

Interacting over our Gleam.io campaign with the MOBIX Twitter account, in the form of following and retweeting, will provide MOBIX as well as Gleam.io the possibility to connect your wallet address with your Twitter account. Further, by signing up for our newsletter, your email is submitted to MOBIX. We ensure that we never store or link your personal identifiers, e.g. email address and twitter account, to your fetch address. However, as mentioned above, we recommend the usage of a new address to keep your main address private.

Download the complete MOBIX Data Privacy Manifesto here!